“I’m pretty sure they hate me”- Micah Parsons is cherishing the heat from the Eagles fans

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It is never a positive sight for any football fanatic to listen to harsh words against your top performing player. This is just what, Micah Parsons did when he brutally criticized Jalen Hurts’ MVP candidature by simply applauding the team’s players and style as the reason for why this Quarterback has caught such limelight.

dallas cowboys owner jerry jones raves about micah parsons
Micah Parsons in action for the Dallas Cowboys.

To turn back the history pages and to make everyone aware of what Micah Parson actually said. During his most recent visit on VonCast, the Dallas Cowboys linebacker asked, “When you look at the Eagles, is it Jalen Hurts or the team?” When Miller responded, “I think it’s a little bit of both, man,” Parsons said, “It’s system and team!”

This led to Parsons, who is currently under a rough patch, make his feelings on the atmosphere he might face absolutely clear. Keeping in mind the form of the Philadelphia Eagles, the DPOY contender might be in for his worst treatment in the NFL.

What next for Micah Parsons?

“I mean, you’ve got to stand on everything you say just as a man, but obviously, they small-clipped it and took one line of what was really talked about,” Parsons said, clarifying his comments that he meant no disrespect to Jalen Hurts.

Parsons elaborated on how some other defensive players and wide receivers like Tyreek Hill should also be included in the MVP debate. So, he meant no harm to how Jalen Hurts has been playing in the 2022-23 season.

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Jalen Hurts

Micah Parsons concluded, “But no pun intended or no disrespect to Hurts, I think he’s doing great this year. But you know me, I’m a defensive guy and I said the Eagles’ defense is the team to watch. They just got helluva players over there that’s been making plays all year, so from a defensive aspect, I know how offensive guys get all the credit, so I just want to stick up for the defensive guys because the conversation was most valuable player, is it just quarterback?”

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