“Eagles are the best team in the NFC”- NFL Hall of Famer believes team led by Jalen Hurts are a Super Bowl contender

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While the Philadelphia Eagles went onto make a statement in Week 2, their marquee Jalen Hurts came out as the best Quarterback of the week in the 2022-23 NFL Season. Safe to urge – it does seem like Jalen Hurts has finally arrived as a franchise-caliber Quarterback and Monday night displayed every reason why he deserves that rank. 

Jalen Hurts

On one hand, fans need to compliment the defensive prowess of Philadelphia Eagles who came from conceding 35 points against Detroit to letting 7 points slip on Monday. However, the limelight was stolen by Jalen Hurts, who not ran past defenders and left them clueless but also enables his teammates to be in scoring options, courtesy to his passing game. 

On the same note – former NFL star turned analyst Sharpe stated on the latest episode of Undisputed, “The way he played last night – I think a lot of people with have Jalen Hurts over a lot of Quarterbacks, not just Kirk Cousins. I thought last night was one of the better games he has played. The weapons around his are spectacular. A.J.Brown has done wonders for that team; Devonte Smith is coming onto his own.” 

Shannon Sharpe breaks down Jalen Hurts, Eagles performance in Week 2 

To be precise about his stats- Jalen Hurts threw for 333 yards, ran for 52 and scored three emphatic TouchDowns. This made everyone aware of Hurts’ gravity in the Eagles’ offense. Yet it has to be pointed out that the most improved and acknowledged addition in Hurts’ game was his passing. It looked like nothing fazed him and he had answers for all of Vikings’ defensive strategies. 

Sharpe added, “One thing which the Philadelphia Eagles can do better than other teams – is that they can run the football. When he ran for those two TouchDowns, I mean I forgot Jalen Hurts has legs. Give Jalen Hurts credit, he seems like a guy that’s been in the lab that is getting better and better in each game. He always processes the game really well.” 

Jalen Hurts

If the eagles are to play around the strengths of Jalen Hurts, the 24-year-old Quarterback has already shown how he can lead his side to the victory line. Will there be a same result when this team locks horn in Washington in Week 3? Remains to be seen. 

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