“I hope both teams lose”- 49ers RB Christian McCaffrey has his say on Super Bowl matchup between Eagles and Chiefs

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San Francisco 49ers star running back Christian McCaffrey gave his honest feelings about the upcoming Super Bowl game.

Christian McCaffrey
"I hope both teams lose"- 49ers RB Christian McCaffrey has his say on Super Bowl matchup between Eagles and Chiefs 3

The season of the San Francisco 49ers came to an end more than a week ago with San Francisco’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship Game by a score of 31-7. During that game, the 49ers were forced to play through almost half of the game of football without a healthy starting quarterback.

Due to the fact that Brock Purdy was unable to throw after tearing his UCL and that backup Josh Johnson was placed in concussion protocol, the second half of the highly anticipated matchup featured virtually no offense from San Francisco. This resulted in an anti-climactic end to the season just short of the Super Bowl.

Wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk, who stated earlier this week that the “weird situation” the Niners played through will be something he thinks about for a long time, was one of the 49ers players who discussed how difficult it has been to have their season end in such a fashion after overcoming so much adversity already.

Christian McCaffrey, the star running back for the 49ers, was the most recent player to express his dissatisfaction with the outcome of the game while speaking on Super Bowl Live on Wednesday. Although McCaffrey claimed that the team discussed the possibility of him lining up at quarterback during the game, the fact that the team did not practice for that particular scenario meant that there were not many options available in the game plan for coping with having no quarterbacks for two full quarters.

He said, “It’s tough to win a football game in the NFL without a quarterback, especially in the NFC Championship Game against a defense like that, You know, you don’t practice a whole lot of Veer in practice, you don’t practice a lot of emergency quarterback. Not to say you don’t practice it, but it’s just not something that’s ideal, especially with a whole half of football left, so we were just trying to do whatever we could at the time.”

Christian McCaffrey is upset with 49ers’ exit to the Eagles

The 49ers will now have to sit back and watch the Eagles take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII this coming Sunday, knowing full well that if it weren’t for a couple of key injuries, it very well could have been them competing for the Lombardi Trophy instead. Because of this information, it is more difficult for the players to watch the game.

"I hope both teams lose"- 49ers RB Christian McCaffrey has his say on Super Bowl matchup between Eagles and Chiefs 4

McCaffrey acknowledged that the pain from the game won’t go away right away, but once Sunday passes and thoughts turn to preparation for next season and the long road toward Super Bowl LVIII, the 49ers will be able to use the hurt in their efforts to come back even stronger. McCaffrey also acknowledged that the 49ers will be able to use the pain in their efforts to come back even stronger.

He said, “You know, I hope both teams lose. To me, it doesn’t matter, “Obviously I wish I was, we wish we were playing so bad, that game still hurts and it will for a while, but I think Nick Bosa said it best: I don’t know if I’m going to watch the game, it might hurt too much.”

Figuring out who will start at quarterback will be a significant part of this process. It is anticipated that Jimmy Garoppolo will be moving on, but San Francisco has two young options in Purdy and Trey Lance, both of whom are battling significant injuries at the moment. Even though difficult decisions have not been made and the pain is still present, the 49ers will be able to start moving past yet another demoralizing postseason loss if they concentrate on 2023.

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