“Browns will make playoffs!!”- Cowboys starlet Micah Parsons makes a bold statement regarding the AFC North team

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Micah Parsons believes that the Cleveland Browns will make the playoffs this season as Deshaun Watson will also return.

Micah Parsons
"Browns will make playoffs!!"- Cowboys starlet Micah Parsons makes a bold statement regarding the AFC North team 2

The Cleveland Browns are off to a great start to the season as they are currently 2-1 following their win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Browns are still without star quarterback Deshaun Watson, and they could have won all three games to start the season, but the New York Jets had other ideas.

The Cleveland Browns’ team is looking pretty good, and Dallas Cowboys defensive starlet Micah Parsons was also inspired by them. Following the win against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Parsons was very much impressed with the Browns.

He made a bold statement regarding the AFC North team, and said, “Browns will make playoffs!! Especially getting Deshaun late in the season!!” The AFC North is stacked with the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Baltimore Ravens also proving out to be a great challenge for the Browns in the race to the playoffs.

Whether or not the Browns will make the playoffs it will remain to be seen, but so far the team from Cleveland, Ohio has been looking pretty good. Adding Deshaun Watson to this team later in the season will take them to the next level. The Cleveland Browns will face the Atlanta Falcons in their next game, and they could very possibly win that also.

Micah Parsons on the other hand will also hope to take his team to the playoffs, as they are set to face the New York Giants on Monday Night Football. The Cowboys will still be without Dak Prescott who is recovering from a thumb injury.

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