Baker Mayfield claims he and Sam Darnold are on good terms after his move from the Browns to the Panthers

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The former Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield claims Sam Darnold has no issues with having him around.

Baker Mayfield was traded by the Cleveland Browns to the Carolina Panthers. The former first-round pick finally had the opportunity to part ways with the Browns as he started a new chapter in his career.

Since Deshaun Watson had been associated with the Browns, Baker’s departure from the team was imminent. Waston’s visit from Houston confirmed that the Browns were looking at Baker, and a transaction has already been completed.

There are already a lot of quarterbacks leading the Carolina Panthers. Having Baker Mayfield on board will be very interesting because he has the best chance of becoming their starting quarterback.

He will have to compete with Matt Corrall and Sam Darnold for the position, though. The competition in the Panthers’ camp will be fierce because they have no intention of trading any of their quarterbacks. As a result, Panthers supporters anticipate an interesting season.

Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold already have had an interesting rivalry with each other since their draft days. Both of them were in the fight to become the no. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft. Baker was able to get the nod, and he was drafted at the 1st position.

However, Baker has cleared out there is no bad blood between him and Darnold anymore. Talking about the draft rivalry, Baker said, “I think any of that has already been squashed.”

Baker Mayfield claims he and Sam Darnold have the same goal of winning

Baker Mayfield claims he has adjusted well to his new surrounding. He has the support of everyone including Sam Darnold. Baker claimed that both he and Darnold have the same goal of winning, and that helps their case.

Baker said, “Sam reached out, got my number first. We’ve been talking about how to get the guys together the last minute before camp. It’s been great. Sam just wants to win. That’s just who he is.”

He added, “Our personalities might be different, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the same goal, and that’s to win and help this team out. I’m really looking forward to being in that room with him and just challenging each other, and elevating each other.”

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