Who is Greenthumbgotbands on TikTok? Did he commit fraud?

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Who is Greenthumbgotbands on TikTok? In the vast world of social media, where fame can be achieved overnight, there is no shortage of individuals striving for attention and recognition. One such person who recently found themselves in the spotlight is Ryan Rought, better known by his online alias, Greenthumbgotbands.

With a single TikTok video, he managed to capture the attention of millions as he shared what some deemed “fraudulent” methods for acquiring expensive items without spending money.

But who is Greenthumbgotbands, and what led to his sudden rise to online notoriety? In this article, we will delve into the intriguing persona of Greenthumbgotbands, explore the controversy surrounding his TikTok, and uncover his subsequent fallout.

Who is Greenthumbgotbands on TikTok? The Tiktok That Shook The Internet

In a now-viral TikTok video, Ryan, a.k.a. Greenthumbgotbands offered his followers a tantalizing proposition. In this video, while chilling in a swimming pool, he claimed to have discovered a way to purchase high-end watches worth thousands of dollars using business credit cards, without being held personally responsible for repayment. In the video, he confidently asserted that “every business owner” is aware of this strategy.

Ryan Rought
Ryan Rought

Ryan proceeded to explain his scammy business mechanics, highlighting how he obtained the watch embellished with diamonds. Claiming to have established a business he had no emotional attachment to, he went on to disclose his strategic move of opening business credit cards under that account. What unfolded next will leave you astounded!

He openly stated this in the video: “I went and opened business credit cards in that account. I then proceeded to go and buy this [watch] for $100,000. I’m going to turn around and sell it to a jeweler for $80,000 in cash, which now gives me the cash. I’ll file bankruptcy on the company.”

The audacity of his plan left viewers stunned, questioning the legality and ethics of such actions, and sparking a heated debate about financial responsibility and consequences.

As the controversy surrounding Ryan Rought and his alleged scheme continues to unfold, authorities and social media users alike are closely watching the developments, eager to see if any legal actions will be taken.

Who is Greenthumbgotbands on TikTok, The Backlash and Controversy

As news of Greenthumbgotbands’ TikTok spread, it caught the attention of prominent social media accounts and sparked a passionate debate. Many condemned his alleged actions, labeling them as irresponsible and potentially illegal.

Who is Greenthumbgotbands on TikTok? Did he commit fraud?
Who is Greenthumbgotbands on TikTok? Did he commit fraud?

Critics emphasized the importance of promoting financial integrity and warned against attempting similar schemes. Amid the growing backlash, Ryan’s intentions and credibility were heavily scrutinized, forcing him to address the mounting criticism.

His advice did not sit well with many viewers, who swiftly called him out for promoting what they considered fraudulent practices. Some questioned his credibility, noting his consistent presence near a pool in his videos. Doubts were raised about the sincerity of his claims, with one user sarcastically remarking, “Imagine doing credit card scams but then wearing the $100k watch in a swimming pool.”

The controversy surrounding Ryan’s TikTok escalated when the account ‘TikTokInvestors’ shared the video on Twitter, sarcastically captioning it, “Ah yes, fraud for beginners.” This move further amplified the discussion around TikToker’s alleged financial advice and garnered additional attention from the online community.

Ryan’s Response To The Trolls: Clarification or Cover-Up?

In response to the mounting public scrutiny, Greenthumbgotbands posted a follow-up TikTok video in an attempt to clarify his previous statements. He claimed that his original video was intended as a joke, asserting that he never actually carried out the alleged actions.

Who is Greenthumbgotbands on TikTok? Did he commit fraud?
Who is Greenthumbgotbands on TikTok? Did he commit fraud?

However, his clarification received mixed reactions, with some questioning the sincerity of his explanation and others expressing skepticism regarding his true intentions.

From Where Does This Entitlement to Financial Advice Originate?

Ryan Rought is known for his entrepreneurial ventures and content creation focused on e-commerce and drop-shipping. With a compelling backstory of dropping out of school at the tender age of 14, Rought rapidly transformed his life from rags to riches through his e-commerce endeavors.

Ryan Rought
Ryan Rought

Presenting himself as a knowledgeable figure in the field, he shares valuable insights and wisdom, running a dropship academy on a popular Discord server and providing personalized mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs.

In his quest for viral fame and the desire to appear intellectually superior, Rought has landed himself in a questionable rut. This scandal serves as a reminder that even those who seem to have it all figured out can find themselves entangled in the consequences of their actions.

As an entrepreneur and content creator, Ryan has built a following by sharing his knowledge and success stories. However, his recent controversy has raised questions about his moral integrity and the ethical boundaries of his financial advice. As discussions continue to unravel, it remains to be seen how Ryan will navigate the aftermath of his viral moment and whether he will address the concerns raised by his audience.

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