Who is Frankie Hough? Learn all about the pregnant soap star that died in a crash

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Who is Frankie Hough? Tragedy struck the entertainment industry as English actress Frankie Hough, renowned for her role in the popular TV series Hollyoaks, lost her life in a devastating car accident. At the age of 38, Frankie’s promising career came to a sudden and heartbreaking end.

The accident occurred while she was traveling with her two young sons, Tommy and Rocky as well as her nephew, Tobias, on the M66 route. Their vehicle was struck by a speeding car, causing severe injuries to all occupants.

Who is Frankie Hough? Learn all about the pregnant soap star that died in a crash

Emergency services swiftly arrived at the scene, and all four individuals were immediately airlifted to the hospital for urgent medical attention. Disturbingly, reports indicate that both Tommy and Tobias have been placed in induced comas to aid their recovery.

Who is Frankie Hough? Accident Or a Reckless Mistake?

Adil Iqbal, a resident of Hope Street in Accrington, faced charges related to the fatal loss. He has been accused of causing death, along with two counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving. During his court appearance on May 15, Mr. Iqbal was dressed in a grey tracksuit and only spoke to confirm his details, including his name, date of birth, and address.

Who is Frankie Hough? 
PC: M-Celebrity
Who is Frankie Hough? PC: M-Celebrity

Following the hearing, Mr. Iqbal was remanded into custody, awaiting further legal proceedings. A preliminary hearing at Minshull Street Crown Court has been scheduled for June 19, where the case will be further examined.

Meanwhile, the police are actively seeking witnesses to the incident and urging them to come forward with any information that could assist in the investigation.

Who is Frankie Hough? Learn all about the pregnant soap star that died in a crash

The legal process will continue as authorities gather evidence and present their case against Mr. Iqbal. It is a time of great importance for the affected parties, as they seek justice and closure in the wake of this devastating incident.

Known for her fierce yet nurturing spirit, she leaves behind her two sons and her partner Calvin. Her parents Julia and Frank, sister Becci Welby, and brother-in-law Arron Welby, along with many other loved ones, are left to grieve her loss.

Who is Frankie Hough: Personal & Professional Endeavors

Frankie Hough, a British actress, was best known for her role as Jess in the popular drama series Hollyoaks, which aired on Channel 4. Born on September 7, 1985, Frankie displayed a passion for acting from an early age and pursued her dreams with unwavering determination.

Who is Frankie Hough? Learn all about the pregnant soap star that died in a crash
Who is Frankie Hough? PC: M-Celebrity

Frankie’s remarkable talent and unwavering dedication propelled her into the spotlight at a young age. Joining the cast of the popular British soap opera Hollyoaks, she captivated audiences worldwide with her portrayal of diverse and complex characters. Whether she was portraying vulnerability, strength, or depth, Frankie’s on-screen presence resonated with viewers, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

Not limited to Hollyoaks, Frankie showcased her acting prowess in other TV series such as Wire in the Blood, Where the Heart Is, Heartbeat, and Merseybeat. Her ability to breathe life into her characters and establish a connection with the audience made her a standout talent in the industry.

Beyond her acting accomplishments, Frankie Hough was known for her infectious charisma and genuine kindness. Her bright and positive personality endeared her to cast members, crew, and fans alike. The untimely passing of Frankie Hough leaves a void in the entertainment world, as her undeniable talent and warm spirit will be deeply missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing her or witnessing her performances.

The heartbreaking news of English actress Frankie Hough’s tragic passing has recently come to light after her co-star from the hit TV show Hollyoaks, Paul Danan, paid tribute to her on social media. In an Instagram post, Paul shared an old photo of Frankie and expressed his shock and sadness over the devastating incident.

In Response To This Tragic Incident

Paul Danan described Frankie as a special person and a wonderful actress who portrayed the character “Jess” alongside him on Hollyoaks for almost four years. He expressed his deep sorrow and incomprehension at the tragic loss. The post also included footage of some of their best scenes together, highlighting the cherished memories they shared during their time on the show.

Who is Frankie Hough? Learn all about the pregnant soap star that died in a crash
Who is Frankie Hough? Learn all about the pregnant soap star that died in a crash PC: M-Celebrity

In response to Paul’s tribute to Frankie, Helen Noble, a former co-star of Hollyoaks who portrayed the character Abby Davies during a similar period, expressed: “Paul I’m so sad and sorry we’ve lost Frankie. I remember joining the cast and I was involved in her exit storyline, you guys were an amazing pair together and Franki was an absolute diamond. ME adored her. I can’t believe she is gone. She was such a special person.”

Following the devastating news, a GoFundMe campaign was initiated by a friend to provide financial assistance to Frankie Hough’s grieving family. The campaign aimed to raise £60,000 and has received an overwhelming response, with donations surpassing £52,000 thus far. The campaign revealed that Frankie was 18 weeks pregnant and was expecting a daughter, adding another layer of heartbreak to this already unimaginable tragedy.

Speaking on behalf of Frankie’s family, her brother-in-law, Arron Welby shared heartfelt words in tribute to her. In an interview with the Manchester Evening News, he expressed, “She was the most amazing person, she had a heart of gold. She was a dedicated, fierce mother and she was a fighter for her kids.”

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He expressed gratitude for the power of prayer, acknowledging its ability to provide strength and positivity during this difficult time. Frankie’s absence is deeply felt, leaving a lasting impact on her family and friends.

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