Cameron Robbins GoFundMe: How much has the Louisiana teen’s fundraiser collected following his disappearance?

Cameron Robbins GoFundMe Credits: LiveNow from FOX
Cameron Robbins GoFundMe Credits: LiveNow from FOX

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Cameron Robbins GoFundMe: Cameron Robbins, a teenager from Louisiana, is said to have fallen off a cruise ship in the Bahamas on May 24, 2023. Newsweek claims that after Robbins went overboard, the public was frightened by the incident and thought there was a shark in the sea. Following the event, the 18-year-old’s family and friends started a GoFundMe campaign to gather money for the victim’s mother. The campaign raised $17,865 more than its $10,000 goal.

The Royal Bahamas Defense Force looked for any indication that Cameron Robbins was in the vicinity. They observed that as the search goes on, the likelihood of survival declines. The operation also included the participation of the US Coast Guard.

Cameron Robbins, who attended The University Lab High in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, graduated from high school and immediately embarked on the trip, according to his GoFundMe page. Robbins and his schoolmates were supposedly vacationing at the Atlantis Paradise resort in Nassau at the time he vanished. The excursion was not one that the school planned.

Cameron Robbins GoFundMe: Series of incidents after Robbins’ fall

Cameron Robbins GoFundMe: Following the incident, the Kvideo that purports to show Cameron Robbins jumping the rails has gone viral online. Shocked cruise ship passengers captured a man swimming in the water who they believe to be Robbins on camera. Some passengers have speculated that Robbins may have willingly jumped off the cruise ship himself.

Cameron Robbins GoFundMe
Cameron Robbins GoFundMe Credits: LiveNow from FOX

However, some passengers insisted that they had seen a shark in the water. At one point, a passenger tried tossing a life ring to the victim, but he seemed to swim away from it.

After the tragedy, the Royal Bahamas Defense Force and the US Coast Guard spent three days looking for Cameron Robbins. The Royal Bahamas Defense Force’s Raymond King, the Commodore, talked about the potential for a shark attack.

Kevin George, the director of University Lab School, revealed to the media that 18-year-old Robbins had attended the institution for 13 years after learning of his absence.

The community of the University Lab School is praying for the best outcome possible in this circumstance. Authorities are still looking for Cameron in the Bahamas as of right now, according to his family, with whom I have been in contact. We need to band together and support one another during these trying times.”

No new information has been provided regarding Robbins’ current situation.

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