Should Ja Morant have been suspended for the rest of the season?

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Should Ja Morant have been suspended for the rest of the season? NBA analyst Jay Williams shared an interesting take on the All-Star guard’s return to action.

Ja Morant, the point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies has made a reputation for himself to be one of the brightest young stars in the league – however, the last month was not too kind to the young guard courtesy of a number of controversies. While in Denver after playing against the Nuggets, the All-Star guard chose to display a firearm on his Instagram live stream – that saw him get suspended by the Grizzlies for at least two games.

Ja Morant recently made his return to the court after serving his suspension

Morant made things even worse for himself soon after that, as he reportedly carried the gun with him on the Grizzlies’ team premises. Morant has since received wholesale criticism for his actions, while there have been all sorts of rumours about his future. Morant was sent for counselling for his behaviour, and has also received an eight-game suspension without pay.

However, Morant made his return back to the court recently after serving his time out. He returned off the bench in a 130-125 win against the Houston Rockets on Wednesday as the Grizzlies secured the Southwest Division title. However, his return was not very well received as Jay Williams gave an interesting take on the young guard’s return to action.

What interesting take did Jay Williams give on Ja Morant’s return to action?

NBA analyst Jay Williams gave an interesting take on Morant’s return to action, saying that his suspension should have been extended to the end of the season.

Ja Morant 50 game suspension
According to Williams, Morant should have been suspended for the rest of the season

Williams said: “I do believe the NBA missed the mark on his suspension. I thought he should’ve been suspended for the rest of the regular season without pay, and his return should have been subject to successful counseling from the NBA.”

Even though Morant has missed eight games without pay for flashing the gun at a nightclub, Williams came up with an interesting take on how he should’ve missed the rest of the season to make up for his gun offence.

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