Why did Mavericks coach Jason Kidd indicate Kobe Bryant was terrible at golf?

Jason Kidd, the former NBA point guard and the current Mavericks coach, revealed Kobe Bryant was at least human in some aspects.

Matts Barnes and Jason Kidd were involved in a conversation about Kobe and his golfing abilities. Kidd hilariously shared that the Laker’s legend could not manage to hit the ball with his swing. Bryant showed he was after all human while holding a golf stick in his hands.

Kobe Bryant with Jason Kidd
Kobe Bryant with Jason Kidd PC: LA Times

“So he goes to swing, and everybody’s like, “Maybe that was a practice swing.” And he missed the ball and then, like, you know, he gets competitive, and he wants to hit it the farthest. And, as you said, I think that’s the one sport where we saw him as a human.”

Kobe Bryant was a 5-time NBA Champion and retired from the league in 2016. Unfortunately, Kobe died in a helicopter crash in 2020 and isn’t among us in the world. However, his legacy lingers to be with us forever.

Jason Kidd detailed his experience with Kobe Bryant as a player

Jason Kidd was himself known to be one of the top point guards in the NBA during his tenure. Kidd won the NBA Championship with the Dallas Mavericks in 2011. He was a 10-time All-Star and the Rookie of the year he debuted. Jason Kidd sat down in an episode of the ‘All the Smokes’ podcast to share one of his experiences with Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant retirement
Kobe Bryant retirement

He said, “We’re playing in the playoffs and I know which way Kobe wants to go. And he gets to go where he went and he jumps and I jump. Unfortunately, his jump is a little higher and longer. I jump like my elevator can only go so high and then it says return.”

He added that Kobe hit a game-winner over him in the playoffs. Jason said that Kobe was a player who would not see how big a player one was, he only wanted to destroy everyone on court. “He was an assassin.”

“He would cut you and by the end of the game you didn’t know that you were gonna bleed out. And so and so it that’s just his mentality and he he wanted to to win and everything all cost.”

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