“When we do something wrong, it’s on every tabloid” – LeBron James brings up Kyrie Irving and asks why he hasn’t been asked about Jerry Jones at Little Rock

LeBron James brings up a major issue regarding Kyrie Irving and Jerry Jones

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James expressed his disdain with the media on Wednesday night. LBJ pointed out an issue in the postgame interview after LA Lakers defeated the Portland Trail Blazers 128 – 109.

LOS ANGELES, CA – OCTOBER 12: LeBron James #6 of the Los Angeles Lakers dribbles the ball during a preseason game against the Golden State Warriors on October 12, 2021 at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images)

Before leaving the podium after the interview, LeBron questioned the media for daunting him with Kyrie Irving questions but never asking him about Jerry Jones, the Dallas Cowboys owner.

In a long speech, LeBron said the following, “I got one question for you guys before you guys leave,” LeBron James said. “I was thinking when I was on my way over here, I was wondering why I haven’t gotten a question from you guys about the Jerry Jones photo. But when the Kyrie thing was going on, you guys were quick to ask us questions about that.

When I watch Kyrie talk and he says, ‘I know who I am, but I want to keep the same energy when we’re talking about my people and the things that we’ve been through,’ and that Jerry Jones photo is one of those moments that our people, Black people, have been through in America. And I feel like as a Black man, as a Black athlete, as someone with power and a platform, when we do something wrong, or something that people don’t agree with, it’s on every single tabloid, every single news coverage, it’s on the bottom ticker. It’s asked about every single day. But it seems like to me that the whole Jerry Jones situation, photo – and I know it was years and years ago and we all make mistakes, I get it- but it seems like it’s just been buried under, like, ‘Oh, it happened. OK. we just move on.’ And I was just kind of disappointed that I haven’t received that question from you guys.”

After LeBron brought up the above situation, no media personnel could answer or talk to LeBron as he immediately walked off the podium thereafter.

What is the controversy around the Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones?

In an investigative report, the Washington Post uncovered a controversial photo of Jerry Jones. It was a photo from 1957 where 14-year-old Jerry Jones is spotted among a group of white students who were blocking school access to six Black students enrolled in Little Rock, Arkansas.

lebron james jerry jones
The photo of North Little Rock High that has reemerged recently. A teenaged Jerry Jones is towards the back of the crowd in a horizontal striped shirt, to the right of the raised camera. (Photograph: William P Straeter/AP)

On the other hand, Kyrie Irving was suspended a few weeks back by the Brooklyn Nets after Irving tweeted a link to an antisemitic film and continuously refused to apologize. However, Irving was later unbanned by the Nets after he offered an apology.

During the time of Irving’s ban, James was continuously hounded with questions related to Kyrie’s stance on lack of apology. In that situation, James outright condemned antisemitism.

Based on these two situations of Jerry Jones and Kyrie Irving, LeBron James now has accused the media reporters of double standards.  

Against Portland Trail Blazers, LeBron James scored 31 points, dished 8 assists, and grabbed 5 rebounds.

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