What did Patrick Beverley say? Former star destroys Lakers in rant

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What did Patrick Beverley have to say about his time at the Los Angeles Lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers had a very eventful end to the trade deadline day, as they ensured an influx of talents such as D’Angelo Russell, Malik Beasley, Rui Hachimura and Mo Bamba. However, the incomings came at the cost of two high-profile players going out – while Russell Westbrook went to the Los Angeles Clippers, Patrick Beverley was traded to the Chicago Bulls.

Patrick Beverley was traded to the Chicago Bulls on deadline day

The decision brought an end to Beverley’s short and not-so-significant stay at the legendary franchise. Beverley, who is known for his pesky defense, brought his signature flare to the franchise. In all fairness, he had his fair share of memorable moments. Sadly, most of those moments involved losing.

His camera antics after losing the Celtics in a dramatic fashion even went viral for Beverley’s audacity. That was perhaps the highlight of Beverley’s time in LA.

However, it seems that the guard feels otherwise. His exit from the Lakers was proof that the team considered him an expendable asset. So, it is no surprise Beverley is lashing out at the team. In the recent episode of the Pat Bev Podcast, the 3-time All-Defensive player claimed the Lakers, and certain teammates frustrated him to no end.

What did Patrick Beverley have to say about his teammates during his Lakers stint?

In the podcast, the dissatisfied defensive guard spoke about why his time in LA wasn’t as great as some would believe.

Beverley ripped into his Lakers teammates as well as the head coach on his podcast

Now with the Bulls, Beverley was overly critical of the way things were run at the franchise – namedropping LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook as players who were paid more attention than him. According to Beverley, Darvin Ham, whom he called a ‘first-year coach,’ was also someone being paid more heed than him.

Beverley ranted: “Yeah we should do this on defense. ‘Nah, we cool, we cool. Nah, we gotta rotate.’ Bron what you mean we gotta rotate, you ain’t even playing. They don’t listen to me. You gotta go through the first year coach, LeBron, AD, Russ, then it get to me. You don’t hear my s**t the way you should hear my s**t.”

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