“How Ayesha got a better throw than him” – Stephen Curry struggling to pitch leads to hilarious reactions on Twitter

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Ayesha Curry pitched better than Stephen Curry, and the NBA Twitter was quick to troll the Warriors superstar.

Stephen Curry Ayesha Curry

Recently, Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesha Curry threw the first pitch of the game together at the stadium of the Oakland Athletics. Surprisingly, Ayesha pitched better than her husband.

Even though Steph’s pitch was quite fast, it was way off the mound. As a result, Ayesha Curry threw a tad slower, but it was better than Steph’s.

Stephen Curry might have just become a 4-time NBA Champion, but that doesn’t mean he’ll automatically be good at the mound. Hopefully, by next time he will have improved his throwing skills as well.

His former teammate, Juan Toscano, Anderson, also took a dig at him for his failed attempt at the mound. JTA was trolled earlier for his attempt to pitch the ball, but now Curry has overtaken him to have the worst pitch ever.

The NBA Twitter showed no mercy in trolling Stephen Curry. They were amazed to see him throwing worse than his wife, and these are some of the best reactions to Curry’s hilarious failed attempt to pitch the ball.

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