“I’m proud of you” – Richard Jefferson wishes Kendrick Perkins the best after NBA analyst undergoes surgery

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A proud Richard Jefferson wished Kendrick Perkins the best following the latter’s surgery.

Retired NBA legend and reputed analyst Kendrick Perkins was recently in the news after he underwent surgery for rupturing his chord muscle. Perkins was considered to be a legend for a basketball career spanning 15 years and especially for his exploits with the Boston Celtics during the heyday of his career when he won an NBA Championship with the Celtics in 2008.

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Perkins enjoyed an impressive career where he also turned out for the Oklahoma City Thunder, the New Orleans Pelicans, and the Cleveland Cavaliers – and was widely regarded as a menace to go up against because of his size and strength. But just as it is with many giants of the game, the 6’10” center had a higher tendency to get injuries – even following his retirement in 2018.

It was recently found out that “Perk” ruptured his chord muscle while slipping inside a Petco departmental store, a diagnosis that sentenced him to go under the knife. Perkins recently underwent surgery about a month after the unfortunate accident and posted about his surgery is a successful one as he posed from the nursing home bed on his Twitter account.

Perkins took to Twitter to post a picture of himself posing on a hospital bed, captioning it with “Made outta of Surgery today my good people!!!”. As expected, the comment section was brimming with supportive messages from both fans and his fellow NBA professionals who wished a speedy recovery and return to the studio – one of them being Richard Jefferson.

What did Richard Jefferson have to say about Perkins’ surgery?

The former NBA professional gave his best wishes to his friend as he recovers from his surgery.

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Jefferson, a 2016 NBA champion with the Cavaliers quoted Perkins’ tweet as he sent his best wishes to the recovering Perkins. Jefferson took to his Twitter account as he said “Hey man, I’m proud of you! Whatever it takes for you to get back to your playing weight I support”.

The response went viral on Twitter, as fans appreciated Jefferson sending his thoughts to Perkins and wishing him a speedy recovery back to the studio.

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