LeBron James missed call: Al Horford’s sister received r*** and death threats after Twitter post

LeBron James vs. Celtics

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Al Horford’s sister Anna posted a tweet making fun of LeBron James’ reaction to the missed call against the Celtics, and got distasteful threats from some fans.

The Los Angeles Lakers played the Boston Celtics on Saturday night, with the result being quite controversial. LeBron James went to the basket on a final drive to win the game but was hacked by Jayson Tatum. The referee Eric Lewis and his other colleagues didn’t call the foul that would have allowed the Los Angeles Lakers to win the game, and it caused a massive uproar.

LeBron James vs. Celtics
LeBron James against the Boston Celtics

The officials and the NBA both knew they got the call wrong too, as the official account for the referees even apologized for it following the game. The incorrect decision was met by a massively disappointed reaction from LeBron James, who simply couldn’t believe that he hadn’t earned the free throws and made his disgruntlement and disappointment show with his actions.

LeBron’s over-the-top reaction led to some trolling from Celtics fans, too, including Celtics player Al Horford’s sister Anna, who tweeted saying he should get an Oscar for how he behaved. And this tweet unfortunately led to some bad reactions from some Lakers fans.

What sort of reactions did Anna Horford get from disgruntled Lakers supporters?

It would be an understatement to say that Anna Horford received some truly distasteful comments for her tweet.

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Anna Horford, Al Horford’s sister

Fans can get emotional about their favorite teams and players, but this is never a good reason to disrespect anyone. Wishing them and their family harm is something that only the lowest of the low will do, but it’s unfortunately common in sports. The anonymity that the internet allows can beget some vile abuse, and Anna Horford posted some of the disgusting tweets she received in the aftermath of her tweet.

The tweets are too nasty to repeat and are not something anyone should look at, let alone send to a personality. It is one thing to feel upset about someone making fun of your favorite player, another to send them messages wishing them death. One can only hope that the makers of these tweets are subjected to punishment.

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