LeBron James left in awe after UFC star Kamaru Usman’s latest Born Brave clip

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LA Lakers star LeBron James expresses his amazement with the latest Born Brave clip of Kamaru Usman. Read to learn more.

NBA superstar LeBron James took to Twitter on Monday to express his appreciation for a particular clip. The specific clip is apparently a documentary clip which is featuring UFC superstar Kamaru Usman.

LeBron James Kamaru Usman
LeBron James and Kamaru Usman. (Image: Getty Images)

Depicting Kamaru Usman, the clip is originally shared by the MMA outfit, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).

Following UFC’s original tweet, four-time NBA champion, LeBron James decided to endorse the tweet in his own way.

Take a look at what LeBron James tweeted:

King James quoted the tweet as, “Strive for Greatness.”

Along with the quote, he tagged Kamaru Usman and Crypto.com. Looks like King James was in awe of the clip which featured Usman.

In the original tweet shared by UFC, we can see a quote by Usman, which says, “My relationship with hardship is… we’re friends.”

The said tweet is a part of the latest edition of Crypto.com’s Born Brave series. In this edition of the ‘Born Brave’ series by crypto.com, we can see Kamaru Usman.

Usman talks about bravery, hardship, and much more in the newest edition of the Born Brave series.

The 1:33 second video is actually a trailer for the latest edition of the ‘Born Brave’ series featuring Kamaru Usman.

In the uploaded video, we can see Kamaru Usman talking about his UFC journey, struggles, and his peculiar relationship with ‘hardship.’ Usman also says how he feels about winning and losing.

Twitter users are not happy with the LBJ tweet

Thanks to the latest FTX crypto scam, many people are now viewing cryptocurrency as a negative thing. And their thoughts are well expressed under the LBJ tweet.

As LBJ tweeted the above tweet to express his support for Kamaru Usman, many Twitter users stormed in to express their displeasure with cryptocurrency and LBJ’s association with the company, crypto.com.

Check out some of the reactions that the users had to LBJ’s tweet:

In his tweet, LBJ tagged crypto.com, which is a cryptocurrency exchange company based in Singapore.

Now, as per reports, it is well known that Los Angeles Lakers star, LeBron James has a multi-year partnership with crypto.com. So, it is natural that LBJ will promote crypto.com. Moreover, UFC’s ‘Born Brave’ series is entirely produced by crypto.com which makes James further promote the company and the video.

However, keeping aside the negativity surrounding cryptocurrency, we can still enjoy the great episode of Kamaru Usman from ‘Born Brave’ series.

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