LeBron James Brings Up Aaron Rodgers Talent Issues Which Hints At Major Problems At Lakers

LeBron hints at problems at the Lakers by bringing up Aaron Rodgers

The Lakers might not have the perfect start for their side this season as they thought at the beginning of the season and many superstars are already in talks for trade.

Lakers off-season signings
Lebron James And Anthony Davis

At the time of LeBron James’ comment on Aaron, the Lakers had a record of 3-10 losses which is one of their worse nightmares. James single-handedly tried all of his work but could not give Lakers fans the winning streak they would have expected from the team.

Chris Haynes who is a reporter at Bleacher Report which is a sports website recently added “James does not want to waste a season of his high-level playing days in hopes of incoming reinforcements for the 2023-24 campaign.”

LeBron James’ Eyecatching Comment

After Thursday night’s game between Green Bay Packers and Tennessee Titans James said “When you’ve got a transcendent, franchise player like Aaron Rodgers. Quarterback, obviously we know the quarterback position in the NFL, besides if have like a monster defensive end or d-tackle like obviously Aaron Donald. That’s the most important position in the NFL. Why wouldn’t you surround that, when you’ve got the picks, to maximize what he can do?” 

Paul Rivera, who was there at the broadcast with him “Are we still talking Football or are you talking about basketball ?” to which James sarcastically added, “definitely translates”.

James is currently not named in the squad of Lakers due to his injury but is fairly in talks for trade next season with his contract with the Lakers ending after this year, an extension from his side is not looking possible. He is in some of his last years of glory and would surely look to add some more fam to his name.

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