Kevin Durant has the best response to fan suggesting that there were players similar to Shaq (Shaquille O’Neal)

Kevin Durant responded the best in answer to a fan’s assertion that players other than Shaq existed

To put it mildly, Twitter may be a bizarre place, but the social networking site can also provide amusing moments. On Wednesday, Stan Van Gundy and Kevin Durant made this very clear. Kevin Durant also put his thoughts about Shaq on his Twitter handle. 

Kevin Durant Shaq
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The former NBA head coach has been following the game because he also works as an analyst on TNT. The 63-year-old brought up a peculiar incident in contemporary gaming. He stated, “90’s NBA teams had just a trainer and a strength coach, they practiced more often and harder and played more back to backs. Teams now have huge medical & “performance” staffs and value rest over practice…” 

Van Gundy raises an intriguing issue that the NBA has attempted to address, but which is undoubtedly difficult to resolve. But Durant and several current players concur with it.  After that, the twitter handle of Flag Post Sports mentioned something including Shaq, “Also, no offense, the league has gravitated to an emphasis on shooting 3’s, it was more physical in the 90’s, guys like Shaq made a living by backing guys into the paint…” 

Kevin Durant’s reply to that tweet of Flag Post Sports 

After that tweet, Kevin Durant made his thoughts clear about Shaq that there will never be anyone like Shaq. Durant on his Twitter handle said, “Guys like shaq. lol there will only be one Shaq…” 

Kevin Durant has engaged in several online arguments with critics and admirers throughout the course of his career over their remarks about him. Durant needs to recognise the areas where his actions irritate others.

Kevin Durant Shaq
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Kevin Durant is allowed to pursue his profession in whatever way he sees fit, and critics and fans are equally free to express their unhappiness.

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