Kevin Durant brutally trolls Montrezl Harrell for getting onto the nerves of Blocks-Leader Nic Claxton

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Nic Claxton has simply been sensational for the Brooklyn Nets in the 2022-23 season. Not only is he leading the leagues in blocks and blocks per game but could very well be the DPOY in the current season. This is just why Kevin Durant cannot take any other player disrespecting his teammate in any manner. For which, he called out Montrezl Harrell.

Nic Claxton and Montrezl Harrell in Nets vs 76ers

Let’s turn back the history pages to know just why Kevin Durant called out Philadelphia 76ers star Montrezl Harrell. When the latter was asked about Nic Claxton and how well he has been performing for the Nets, Montrezl opened up about how Kyrie Irving is making Claxton play at the level is currently is.

Montrezl said, I don’t know nothing about that, brother,” Harrell said when asked about Claxton’s emergence. “You’re talking about a guy who steps up, but at the same time, Kyrie (Irving) is the head of that snake… It’s good that (Claxton) is playing well and stuff like that. Cool, but it’s not the focal point of our (defense) or what we’re trying to take away. So kudos to him, but at the same time, brother, that’s not the focus of my lock-in. I’m just gonna come out and make sure Kyrie isn’t getting downhill, make sure he isn’t creating for his guys and make sure he isn’t causing a whole lot of havoc in order to get Claxton open.”

Kevin Durant called out Montrezl Harrell

Durant said, “You not like that. You’re an enforcer as a basketball player, but you’re not that guy. Claxton is having a good year. There was a little shade in that. Of course, Kyrie (is) the head of the snake, just like Joel Embiid’s the head of the snake, but we’re not gonna forget about Tobias Harris and Tyrese Maxey and you and James (Harden), but come on bro. Give somebody some credit fam, it ain’t that hard.”

Durant not only defended the fourth-year Nets veteran but also gave Kyrie Irving the credit he deserves.

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