Is there really a Shaq air fryer?

Here is all that you need to know about the infamous SHAQ air fryer

Shaquille O’Neal is well known for his NBA domination. Four-time NBA champion Shaq had it all in his prime days. From dominating the paint to bullying the opponents, to shattering backboards, the Big Diesel has done it all.

Shaq air fryer
Shaquille O’Neal speaks during Pepsi Stronger Together and CTG Foundation Atlanta Law Enforcement Press Conference on April 07, 2021 in McDonough, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Pepsi Stronger Together)

Apart from being the big boy bully in the paint, Shaq is also known for his excellent business acumen. Through the years, Shaq has invested in several companies and has reaped huge benefits from them.

Notably, all the business ventures, investments, and NBA salary has made and is making Shaq richer every day. As of 2022, Shaquille O’Neal has a net worth of mammoth $400 million. This net worth is far greater than most of his NBA counterparts. Also, the number really shows the smart business moves and decisions that Shaq has made over time in his life.

Furthermore, Shaq’s niche for business moves and earning money seems to be inspiring many players nowadays.

What is SHAQ Air Fryer?

Shaq has personally endorsed many products over the years. These products ranged from video games to fast food to several household products. Big Shaq is also known to endorse the products of companies that he owns.

Among many products and services that Shaq endorses, the SHAQ Air Fryer is also included in them. On a lighter note, the SHAQ Air Fryer is a company that Shaquille O’Neal owns personally. He personally vouches for the product and claims that he is ‘just the face of my own product.’

SHAQ Air Fryer, as the name suggests, is an air fryer that helps fry food without the use of oil. If one uses the fryer, the food cooked in it is said to be less oily and includes less fat and fewer calories. The air fryer is equipped with a super-heated cyclonic fryer using 1700 watts of heat and is made to be easy to use.

How SHAQ Air Fryer inspired WNBA superstar Candace Parker?

Believe it or not, Shaq’s Air Fryer commercial inspired a Championship run. WNBA superstar, Candace Parker was inspired by Shaq’s air fryer commercial. The commercial supposedly helped her during her championship run with the Chicago Sky in 2021.

In an interview, Candace explained elaborately how watching Shaquille O’Neal’s air fryer commercial inspired her in many ways. Candace also went on to state that her goal was to become as influential as Shaquille.

The Big Diesel was later asked about the commercial that inspired Candace Parker. He was asked how he end up being the endorser of the product. O’Neal responded by saying, “I don’t mean to sound braggadocios, but I do own the company, I’m just the face of my own product.”

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