Is LeBron James going to return this season?

LeBron James has missed the last twelve games for the Los Angeles Lakers, which has prompted fans to enquire about when he is set to make his return to action.

LeBron James has missed the last twelve games for the Los Angeles Lakers, which has prompted the franchise’s faithful to enquire whether their talisman is currently injured. Only a month on from breaking the all-time scoring record in the NBA, James has only played a handful of games in the NBA – and even failed to rack up any significant time in the All-Star game.

LeBron James in action for the Los Angeles Lakers last month

As of now, the end of the regular season is only three weeks away, and yet it isn’t clear when the injured Los Angeles Lakers star will be able to rejoin the team. Fortunately, coach Darvin Ham offered a positive update on his status ahead of Sunday’s game against the Orlando Magic: while he wouldn’t specify an exact timeline, Ham did confirm that the Lakers “anticipate him coming back at some point.”

The Lakers head coach told reporters last week that the superstar is going to be back on the bench with the team after a brief break. James is in the third week of a period before he is reevaluated on approximately March 23. There have also been rumours that James may have got plasma treatment in Germany, the same one that Kobe Bryant got in 2013.

How have the Los Angeles Lakers fared without LeBron James?

How have the Lakers done without their talisman over the past twelve games?

Lakers have done well without James thanks to new additions such as D’Angelo Russell

All things considered, the Lakers have played quite well without James. Since the trade deadline, they are now 6-6 with their superstar sidelined. That is not ideal, especially as they are currently seeded No. 11 in the Western Conference, but considering how poorly some of his other teams have fared without him in the past, a .500 record is far from disastrous.

The Lakers have a weak remaining schedule and are otherwise healthy. Assuming they can stay afloat without James, if he is back in time for the play-in round, the Lakers will be among the most dangerous teams at the bottom of the bracket.

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