Is everything alright between LeBron James and Anthony Davis? AD opens up on rumours of not getting along

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Is everything alright between Los Angeles Lakers teammates LeBron James and Anthony Davis? Learn all there is to know about the rumoured beef.

The Los Angeles Lakers are always in the news for some reason or the other. While they dominated the headlines for their record-worst start to the season, the joint most successful team in the NBA have found their form back of late to have a chance of making it to the postseason. However, they are once again in the news because of a rumoured beef between LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Lebron James Anthony Davis
LeBron James and Anthony Davis in action for the Los Angeles Lakers

The first rumours stemmed from Davis’ underwhelming reaction to James breaking the NBA’s all time scoring record last month, as well as a recent moment between the two in which James appeared to be giving Davis late-game advice in their loss to the Dallas Mavericks. Notably, AD began walking away with LeBron still talking animatedly.

Although Davis was likely just rushing to get back on the court, the exchange left people with more questions than answers.

What did Anthony Davis have to say about the rumours?

Davis addressed the rumours of his alleged beef with James and squashed them immediately.

Davis squashed the rumours of his beef with LeBron James

From the outside looking in, they don’t know,” Davis says, per ESPN writer and Lakers beat reporter Dave McMenamin. “It’s not for them to know seriously, but me and Bron are fine. You can tell when we had our moments, for sure. But I think it’s people just looking for a story.” The moments that Davis is talking about truly aren’t great as far as the optics are concerned.

Davis further added: “Me and Bron have one of the best relationships I think in the NBA as far as duos or teammates, regardless,” Davis says. “But they don’t see that. They don’t see the stuff we do off the court and time we hang out with each other. They see on-court stuff.”

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