Austin Rivers labels Stephen Curry as the toughest player in the NBA in a cheeky manner

Austin Rivers recently went on to label Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry as the toughest player to guard. However, it is not for the reason you might think is obvious but for an entirely different reason.

Austin Rivers and Stephen Curry

Appearing on an episode of the ‘Ringer NBA Show’ podcast, the spoken-off point guard revealed why guarding Stephen Curry is the toughest player to guard against, listing the several advantages he has in his favor, making it impossible for others to stop his wrath.

Rivers said, “Stephen Curry… it’s not even close. You can’t touch him, they give him every fu**ing call, they set illegal screens for him the entire game… they don’t call it cause they want to see him shoot.”

Austin Rivers on Stephen Curry

Safe to say, what Austin Rivers has just said might actually be true in a lot of ways, that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. The reigning NBA Finals MVP, Stephen Curry is obviously good enough to score however way he wants, but as the face of the league and one of the most impactful NBA players ever, Curry is going to enjoy some perks that others never will. But that is just because of how he has nurtured his game in the right manner, according to the modern-day rules.

Stephen Curry

That being said, this doesn’t mean that Curry holds an advantage over any other defender. The four-time NBA Champion averages 29.3 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 6.3 assists per game on 48.7% shooting, it seems he is putting together another MVP-worthy campaign despite his team’s struggles. It just showcases his true mentality.

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