Mobile Legends Rank Tier list 2022 – Full list explained in order

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The rank tier list in Mobile Legends can be a bit confusing in 2021 but there is an explanation of each level

Climbing the ranked ladder of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and seeing your name on the leaderboard is every player’s dream. The ranked mode determines your skill level and lets you have a fun game with players of the same ELO. Here’s how the ranked system in Mobile Legends works.

Mobile Legends has along rank tier list for rewards and rankings
A screen grab from a Mobile Legends game (Gameranx)

The ranked season generally lasts for 3 months with the players rank getting reset at the end. This way the leaderboard keeps changing and no one particular can dominate it. It also ensures that newer players can enjoy the game and have a great competitive experience.

You also get bonus rewards for reaching a particular every season. The Mobile Legends ranks are divided into 8 categories – Warrior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend, Mythic and Glorius Mythic.

They further divided into tiers with the exception of the top two ranks, Mythic and Glorious Mythic, where only the best can reach. The ranks go from Warrior III to Glorious Mythic.

Mobile Legends Ranks
Warrior to Glorious Mythic (

Mobile Legends Rank Tiers and Rewards

Mobile Legends Rank: Warrior III, Warrior II, Warrior I 

1 Premium Skin Fragment

1000 Battle Points

100 Tickets

Mobile Legends Rank: Elite IV, Elite III, Elite II, Elite I

3 Premium Skin Fragments

2000 Battle Points

200 Tickets

Mobile Legends Rank: Master IV, Master III, Master II, Master I

Season Exclusive Skin

4000 Battle Points

300 Tickets

Mobile Legends Rank: Grandmaster IV, Grandmaster III, Grandmaster II, Grandmaster I

Season Exclusive Skin

7000 Battle Points

600 Tickets

Mobile Legends Rank: Epic IV, Epic III, Epic II, Epic I

Season Exclusive Skin

12000 Battle Points
1000 Tickets

Mobile Legends Rank: Legend IV, Legend III, Legend II, Legend I

Season Exclusive Skin

20000 Battle Points

1500 Tickets

Mobile Legends Rank: Mythic 

Season Exclusive Skin

Mythic Battle Emote (100 days)

20000 Battle Points

1500 Tickets

Mobile Legends Rank: Glorious Mythic

Season Exclusive Skin

Mythic Battle Emote (100 days)

20000 Battle Points

1500 Tickets

Top 50 players of each server on the Leaderboard

While they haven’t announced the Season Exclusive Skin, you can check out the new Bruno skin called ‘The Falcon’ in honour of Euro 2020.

Mobile Legends uses a Star system to climb the rank ladder till the Legend rank. After that, it uses the points system to reach the Mythic and Glorius Mythic Ranks. The best of the best who climb to the top also receive the Season Exclusive skin.

The season exclusive skin is generally announced in the last few weeks of the season to push players to climb the ladder. Stay tuned to know more about the Season Exclusive Skin.