Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List – March 2022

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The Mobile Legends Heroes return in this relaxing idle RPG game. Here is our Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List to choose the best heroes.

All of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang heroes reunite in Mobile Legends: Adventure, an epic idle RPG. Prepare your five-person team for battles against terrifying monsters. Battle your way through the Tower of Babel and the Campaign. Solve the Akashic Ruins and Labyrinth puzzles. Set out on a fresh journey in the Land of Dawn.

The Mobile Legends Adventure tier list is useful for individuals looking for the finest heroes to play within the game. The Mobile Legends Adventure tier list below will assist players in keeping track of which heroes are performing well in the game. It’s also vital to remember that in order to maximise this team’s potential and begin to achieve success, you’ll need to put together a team that compliments each other’s strengths. Here is the Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List for October 2021.

Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List

TierMobile Legends Adventure Heroes
SLesley, Angela, Lunox, Clint, Lancelot, Clint, Lolita, Zilong, Rafaela, Estes, Valir, Alice, Karina, Argus, Martis
ADiggie, X.Borg, Lapu-Lapu, Nana, Yi Sun-Shin, Gusion, Freya, Chang’e, Gatotkaca, Hylos, Harley, Kadita, Grock, Zhask
BClaude, Jawhead, Karrie, Karihmet, Saber, Irithel, Gavana, Alucard, Akai, Uranus, Guinevere, Fanny, Kaja, Odette, Aurora, Tigreal, Vexana, Thamuz, Hanzo, Moskov, Yu Zhong  
CAlpha, Layla, Bruno, Wanwan, Hanabi, Minsitthar, Kagura, Miya, Eudora, Bane, Badang, Gord, Helcurt Aldous
DFranco, Hilda, Cyclops, Balmond

S Tier Heroes

They’re the best of the bunch. They are powerful and strong. It’s difficult to face them because they’re regarded as God-like heroes.

MartisMedium TankChaos
ArgusHeavy TankDark
KarinaLight FighterDark
AliceLight MageDark
ValirMedium MageElemental
EstesMedium SupportElemental
RafaelaLight SupportLight
ZilongHeavy FighterMartial
LolitaHeavy TankMartial
ClintLight MarksmanMartial
LancelotMedium FighterMartial
LunoxLight SupportOrder
AngelaLight SupportTech
LesleyMedium MarksmanTech
martis Hero mobile legends adventure
Martis in Mobile Legends Adventure

A Tier Heroes

They are, as the name implies, less powerful than the S tier. Nonetheless, a broad overview of the situation reveals that they are both powerful and difficult to tackle.

ZhaskMedium MageChaos
GrockHeavy TankElemental
KaditaMedium MageElemental
HarleyLight SupportElemental
HylosHeavy TankElemental
GatotkacaHeavy TankLight
Chang’eLight MageLight
FreyaHeavy TankLight
GusionMedium FighterLight
Yi Sun-shinMedium MarksmanMartial
NanaLight SupportMartial
Lapu-LapuLight FighterMartial
X.BorgLight MarksmanTech
DiggieLight SupportTech

B Tier Heroes

The lower the grading, the less possibility there is. They are comparatively powerful and perform admirably.

Yu ZhongHeavy FighterChaos
MoskovMedium MarksmanDark
HanzoMedium FighterDark
VexanaLight MageDark
ThamuzHeavy TankDark
AuroraLight MageElemental
TigrealHeavy TankLight
OdetteLight MageLight
KajaLight SupportLight
FannyMedium FighterLight
GuinevereLight MageLight
UranusHeavy TankLight
AkaiHeavy TankMartial
AlucardMedium FighterMartial
IrithelLight MarksmanMartial
GavanaMedium FighterOrder
KarihmetMedium MarksmanOrder
SaberMedium FighterTech
KarrieMedium MarksmanTech
JawheadHeavy FighterTech
ClaudeLight MarksmanTech
S tier Hero mobile legends adventure
Yu Zhong in Mobile Legends Adventure

C Tier Heroes

This is a great place to start if you’re a newbie. Without a doubt, as time passes, your practice and rating will improve. However, they are not as effective as the ones listed above.

HelcurtMedium FighterDark
AldousMedium FighterDark
BaneHeavy FighterDark
BadangHeavy FighterElemental
GordLight MageElemental
EudoraLight MageElemental
MiyaMedium MarksmanElemental
MinsittharMedium FighterLight
KaguraLight MageLight
HanabiMedium MarksmanMartial
WanwanMedium MarksmanMartial
AlphaHeavy FighterTech
LaylaMedium MarksmanTech
BrunoLight MarksmanTech

D Tier Heroes

Even though they are on the bottom end of the grading scale, they can sometimes perfectly fit into a specific attack and niche type. This is the lower tier, which contains heroes who are less powerful and significant.

BalmondHeavy TankDark
CyclopsLight MageElemental
HildaHeavy FighterMartial
FrancoHeavy TankMartial
cyclops Hero mobile legends adventure
Cyclops in Mobile Legends Adventure

Mobile Legends Adventure Best Tank

These characters have the best defence that permits you to have access to high health points (HP)

SMartis, Gatotkaca
ALolita, Hylos, Akai
BThamuz, Uranus
CGrock, Tigreal
DBalmond, Franco

Mobile Legends Adventure Best Support

The name is self-explanatory. They are a team’s nerve centre. They provide you with a lot of mana, but they also have low defence.

ANana, Angela
BRafaela, Diggie
S tier Hero mobile legends adventure
Estes in Mobile legends Adventure

Mobile Legends Adventure Best Marksman

They put up a fantastic show and give the players a boost. Furthermore, they inflict more damage on their opponents. They are, however, ineffective in terms of defence and mobility.

AKarrie, Karihmet, Claude, Irithel, Bruno
BHanabi, Yi Sun-Shin, Miya
CWanwan, Lesley

Mobile Legends Adventure Best Mage

They have low defence but, surprisingly, high ability and can deal long-range damage and high mana.

SLunox, Alice, Chang’e
AValir, Zhask, Aurora, Harley, Odette
BLaylia, Guinevere, Kagura, Kadita, Vexana
CGord, Eudora
lunox mobile legends adventure
Lunox in Mobile legends Adventure

Mobile Legends Adventure Best Fighter

They stand proudly in your arsenal when you have to choose between defence, damage, and health points.

SArgus, Zilong
AYu Zhong, Lapu-Lapu, Alucard
BFanny, Gavana, Hanzo, Freya, X.Borg, Jawhead
CAldous, Bane, Alpha
DBadang, Minsitthar

Mobile Legends Adventure Best Assassin

They are known as Ninjas and are used to deal a lot of damage to their opponents. However, the main disadvantage is that they have low health points (HP).

AGusion, Saber

This was our Best Mobile Legends Adventure Tuer List. You can choose the best heroes for your team according to your playstyle. Mobile Legends Adventure is available on App Store and Play Store

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