“Never watched gay porn until I saw the scene between those two” – Jake Paul and Andrew Tate react to the scuffle between KSI and Dillon Danis

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Jake Paul and Andrew Tate recently reacted to the scuffle between KSI and Dillon Danis

Jake Paul is coming off a spectacular victory against MMA legend Anderson Silva. It is safe to say that he has gained some respect from the combat sports community having passed the test against a war-forged veteran with flying colors. ‘The Problem Child’ recently had a run-in with viral internet, polarizing figure, Andrew Tate. If rumors are to be believed, a potential matchup up is brewing between the two. In other news, Dillon Danis, who hasn’t fought in over three years, got into a scuffle with KSI’s team.

Jake Paul
Jake Paul (Credits: Yahoo)

Dillon Danis added to the drama in the combat sports world by being involved in a heated and nearly physical altercation with MMA star Nate Diaz outside of Madison Square Garden in New York at UFC 281, and he found himself in a number of more confrontational situations a few days later.

Danis met YouTube sensation and part-time boxer KSI at Saturday’s “DAZN X Series 0003 Misfits Boxing” event in Austin, Texas. The two exchanged words, and KSI dared Danis to touch him while they were surrounded by media.

The video of Dillon Danis’s brawl following his recent altercation with KSI shows the Bellator fighter being rocked by Anthony Taylor. “Pretty Boy” Taylor is an MMA fighter and boxer who beat Conor McGregor’s teammate outside of the misfit weigh-in. Several angles of the Dillon Danis and Anthony Taylor brawl have surfaced on the internet.

Danis ignited the brawl, slapping the hat off KSI’s head, causing a scuffle that was quickly de-escalated by security.

Jake Paul and Andrew Tate reacted to the video on Twitter, claiming that the whole event was staged and fake.

Paul wrote: “Nothing worse than a staged run in with coffee being thrown and then you go outside and get your ass whooped by some real ones.”

On the other hand, Tate blatantly wrote: “I never watched gay porn untill I saw the scene between those two.”

KSI vs. Dillon Danis set for January 2023

Dillon Danis will finally return to action after three year-long hiatus, this time inside the boxing ring against KSI.

The bout is scheduled to take place on January 14, 2023 at Wembley Arena in London, England and the PPV will stream live on DAZN.

On August 16, 2022, KSI was last seen inside the ring. It was announced that KSI would face a second opponent, dubbed “2 Fights 1 Night.” His initial second fight was scheduled to take place against Bulgarian boxer Ivan Nikolov, but the fight was cancelled due to Nikolov’s multiple white supremacist and Neo-Nazi tattoos. On August 20, it was announced that Mexican professional boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda would be KSI’s second opponent on August 27. Pineda was knocked out in the third round by KSI. KSI then introduced Slim Albaher, the winner of the Austin McBroom vs. AnEsonGib fight, Andrew Tate, and Tommy Fury.

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