Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Which Class should you choose?

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Players are asking themselves which class they should choose in Mass Effect Legendary Edition and we have got the answer. Our guide will help you make that decision.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is now on Game Pass, so there’s never been a better time to start up a new character or pick a class for a brand-new adventure. Mass Effect’s combat has been one of the game’s most notable evolutions. It becomes more sophisticated, deeper, more action-packed with each entry, for better or worse. It’s quick, snappy, and focused on making decisions in the moment rather than a long-term plan. Depending on which class you choose, it becomes much more intriguing.

While choosing a character class for your custom Shepard isn’t the most difficult decision in the Legendary Edition of the Mass Effect trilogy, new and returning players may initially find it difficult to do so for fear of missing out on important aspects of the game or making things more difficult for themselves by picking a bad class. Here is our guide to help you choose the perfect Class in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Mass Effect: Engineer Class

It’s not a fundamentally terrible class, as its Tech abilities have a lot of positive aspects, but other classes’ dual abilities tend to overshadow it. The Engineer’s job is to stay hidden and support others, allowing your allies to keep you safe while you give backup.

Being an engineer entails taking a more cautious approach and keeping enemies on their toes, but it also means you can’t withstand direct confrontation. The reduced weapon restrictions make the class more viable than it was before, but it’s still not enough to improve it.

Mass Effect: Infiltrator Class

The Infiltrator excels at long-range warfare and employs a systematic approach to getting behind enemy lines. Infiltrators, unlike other tech specialists, do not serve as the squad healer; instead, they focus solely on causing damage to the opponent, making them the most offensive-oriented tech class.

Infiltrators specialize in killing or incapacitating enemies at long range using a combination of martial and technological talents. Infiltrators are taught to employ Omni-tools and to prioritize decryption and offensive powers overhealing. They can be sniper rifle specialists and wear medium armor.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Gameplay
Mass Effect Legendary Edition Gameplay

Mass Effect: Adept Class

The Adept is almost the polar opposite of the Soldier in that they’re barely better than worthless at gunfights but can take advantage of a wide range of Biotic powers. While there are instances when your Adept will literally be shooting sci-fi fireballs at enemies, Mass Effect Adepts frequently use a number of intricate traps and draining skills to hurl enemies around or simply wear them down.

With their abilities, Adepts can construct a barrier for themselves and whip foes out of cover. They, like Engineers, lack the versatility of other classes and must rely largely on their squadmates.

Mass Effect: Soldier Class

Soldiers are combat professionals who are most suited for fighting on the front lines of a battle. Soldiers have improved health, have the ability to specialize in the usage of all weapon categories, and start with the ability to wear medium armor before moving to heavy armor.

Consider playing as the Soldier if you enjoy playing Tank characters. Since they gain a lot of the benefits that come with being a Tank, such as greater health and weapon mastery. The third-person shooter parts of the games are also made easier by soldiers.

Mass Effect: Vanguard Class

Although the Vanguard isn’t the best class for pure efficiency, its combination of Combat and Biotic powers makes it quite distinctive. Biotic Charge is a Vanguard-only ability that allows you to dash at any target, doing a large amount of damage and causing a minor knockback effect, allowing you to quickly follow up with a shotgun attack.

Vanguards can also equip medium armor to prolong their lives while still possessing adequate Biotic talents to dispatch any attackers who pose a threat. They’re not quite weak enough to be a glass cannon, but not quite strong enough to be a juggernaut, thus they’re a happy medium.

Mass Effect: Sentinel Class

Sentinels are a hybrid of technology and biology, and they’re a force to be reckoned with that’s just becoming stronger with each game. Sentinels lack the biotic ingenuity of Adepts, depending on practical things like opponent grouping and barrier-busting rather than hurling people around like ragdolls, but they can also get right in your face with a shield that explodes when damaged.

They can also equip medium armor and, by the end of Mass Effect 3, have mastered most weapons, allowing them to stay safe in close quarters. They, too, have Tech skills, and can easily freeze or overload anything that Biotics don’t destroy. Overall, they’re really useful and allow you to cover all bases with little effort.

In general, the rankings above should give you a decent idea of which classes are most suited to completing the Mass Effect trilogy on the most severe difficulty setting available.

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