Who is Rebecca Dehnel – the girlfriend of Marcos Giron?

Marcos Giron girlfriend
Marcos Giron girlfriend (Instagram)

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Here’s everything you need to know about Rebecca Dehnel, the girlfriend of American professional Tennis player Marcos Giron.

Macros Giron was born on July 24, 1993, to parents Rosanna and Andres Giron. There are rumors suggesting that his father is a doctor specializing in internal medicine.

Their hometown is Thousand Oaks, California. Macros holds his mother in high regard and has publicly acknowledged her on his Instagram account.

His older sister, Gabriela, has been an integral part of his childhood experiences, fostering a close sibling bond. Giron’s family ties are robust, and he has deep affection for both his father and grandfather. This athlete, who values family greatly, finds fulfillment in pursuing his passion and spending quality time with his loved ones.

Marcos Giron
Tokyo 2020 Olympics – Tennis – Men’s Singles – Round 2 – Ariake Tennis Park – Tokyo, Japan – July 27, 2021. Kei Nishikori of Japan celebrates after winning his second round match against Marcos Giron of the United States REUTERS/Edgar Su

Giron pursued his education at Thousand Oaks High School, where he displayed his tennis talent as a three-star recruit. He made a commitment to continue his tennis journey at Pepperdine University. Over the course of four years at Pepperdine, Giron earned recognition as a three-time All-West Coast Conference selection. Following his graduation from Pepperdine, Giron officially embarked on his professional tennis career in 2014.

It was on December 17, 2016, when Giron publicly acknowledged his romantic relationship through his verified Instagram account, @mcosgiron. As of now, Giron and his girlfriend have not taken the step of getting married, and they are still in a relationship, as indicated in Becca’s Instagram bio. It’s been a while since they shared a social media photo of themselves together as a couple.

When did Marcos Giron and Rebecca start dating?

It’s likely that ‘Becca’ and her boyfriend started dating in the mid-2010s. In March 2016, her boyfriend shared a photo with a dog, tagging her and using the term “bae” in the caption, which often indicates a romantic relationship.

Additionally, they posted a photo together holding paintings in December 2017, suggesting a close connection. Regardless of when their relationship began, it’s clear that the couple’s bond has grown stronger over time. Love and relationships can develop at different paces for different people, and what matters most is the strength of their connection in the present.

Marcos Giron with his girlfriend
Marcos Giron with his girlfriend (Twitter)

As the partner of a celebrity, it’s common for the spotlight to shine on both individuals in the relationship. Following Marcos Giron’s Instagram hints about their relationship, fans became curious about his girlfriend, whose full name is Rebecca Dehnel.

Becca hails from San Diego, California, where she grew up alongside a brother. Her family also included quite a menagerie of animals, including four dogs, two goats, three horses, and even a llama. She holds her parents in high regard, citing them as role models and a source of inspiration.

Becca’s mother is involved in social work, while her father works for a local non-profit, both dedicated to social justice causes within their communities. Unfortunately, the names of Becca’s sibling and parents haven’t been disclosed. Additionally, Becca has a strong passion for Global Health and has been actively involved in the medical sector.

What do we know about Rebecca’s professional career?

Rebecca’s commitment to the medical field is evident through her involvement in the PGY-2 program at Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine Residency, with a graduation year set for 2024. When questioned about her choice of Long Beach as her training site, Becca explained that it perfectly aligned with her criteria for a residency program. She cited a well-rounded curriculum, a strong emphasis on serving underserved communities, a friendly and supportive learning atmosphere, and the availability of opportunities for family planning training as the factors that made it an ideal choice for her.

Rebecca Dehnel
Rebecca Dehnel (twitter)

Becca’s medical interests are diverse and reflect her dedication to various healthcare areas. She’s particularly passionate about gender-affirming healthcare, family planning, refugee and immigrant health, global health, mentorship and training, as well as community medicine. During her post-bac year, she attended UC San Diego to improve her GPA, demonstrating her commitment to her education. Her academic achievements were recognized when she was awarded the 2021 Edwin Reithmayer, MD Memorial Scholarship.

Her involvement in important research and healthcare initiatives is notable. Since 2017, she has been working on issues related to resilience, trauma, and mental health among Syrian refugees. Her career also includes a role as a Research Coordinator from 2016 to 2017 at UCSD Moore Cancer Center. Additionally, from 2014 to 2015, she contributed to the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA and served as a team leader for the Jumpstart UCLA Ameri-Corps program, showcasing her commitment to community service and healthcare.

Marcos Giron and Rebecca Dehnel
Marcos Giron and Rebecca Dehnel (Instagram)

Becca’s extensive experience as a mentor is truly commendable. She has actively contributed to mentoring programs, including the Sadaqah Mentorship program for teen refugees, Green Peas, and Ashoka U Exchange, where she has undoubtedly made a positive impact on those she has guided. Her career has also encompassed roles of significant responsibility.

As a General Clinic Manager at UCSD Student Free Clinic Downtown and for the Nutrition Clinic Kitchen project, she has demonstrated leadership and dedication to healthcare. Her outstanding contributions in these roles have earned her multiple awards and recognitions, further highlighting her commitment to making a difference in the medical field.

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