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One of primetime’s most imaginative series La Brea returns for another season – following a family as they are separated after an enormous sinkhole appears in Los Angeles and transports them back 10,000 years to an ancient world.

Natalie Zea, Eoin Macken, Jack Martin, Jon Seda, Chike Okonkwo, Nicholas Gonzalez, Veronica St. Clair Rohan Mirchandaney, and Lily Santiago will appear as regular cast members; Martin Sensmeier from Yellowstone and 1883 will also play a recurring role.

TV Series“La Brea” is a primetime sci-fi drama series with an imaginative premise.
CastThe regular cast includes Natalie Zea, Eoin Macken, Jack Martin, Jon Seda, Chike Okonkwo, Nicholas Gonzalez, Veronica St. Clair Rohan Mirchandaney, and Lily Santiago. Martin Sensmeier from “Yellowstone” and “1883” will also play a recurring role.
PlotThe series follows a family separated and transported back 10,000 years to an ancient world after a sinkhole appears in Los Angeles. The story revolves around their struggles for survival and reunification.
Release DateSeason 2 of “La Brea” began on Tuesday, September 27th.
Where to Watch“La Brea” can be watched on NBC or streamed through platforms like Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, or Fubo TV.

The Cast

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La Brea Season 2 Cast plot

In the opening episode of NBC’s time-travel drama La Brea Season 2, Gavin Harris (Eoin Macken), Izzy Harris (Zyra Gorecki), and Ella Jones (Michelle Vergara Moore) remain trapped in 10,000 B.C. They and other survivors found themselves there after an enormous sinkhole opened up beneath Los Angeles, plunging them all down into an ancient world full of perils and dangers.

As the season unfolds, Eve (Natalie Zea) searches for ways to reunite with her son in the Clearing and follows a lead that brings her face-to-face with an evil prehistoric group. Josh Martin and Riley St Clair struggle to survive their new home while Ty (Chike Okonkwo), Sam Seda, Levi Gonzales, and Paara Carmelo try to determine what has transpired between them all.

Martin Sensmeier (1883, Yellowstone) will play Taamet, leader of an unsavory prehistoric group who will emerge as one of the survivors’ biggest foes in Season 2. The second episode airs on Tuesday, September 27th.

The Plot

La Brea’s first season was an overwhelming success for NBC and gained many dedicated followers who eagerly anticipated its second season.

This show follows a massive sinkhole that appeared in Los Angeles near La Brea Tar Pits and swallowed up hundreds of people and buildings into its depths, forcing them to band together in order to survive in an unknown primeval land. One family is especially affected by this event and must work together in order to unravel its secrets in order to survive.

Season 2 will pick up where Season 1 left off; Gavin Harris (Eoin Macken) and his daughter Izzy (Zyra Gorecki) have made their home in 10,000 B.C, while Josh and Riley Harris have taken an alternate portal back to 1988 via Jack Martin and Veronica St. Clair respectively. Despite these obstacles, the Harris family remains united as they work to survive and find ways back together again.

La Brea’s cast includes Natalie Zea, Eoin Macken, Jon Seda, Chike Okonkwo, Karina Logue, Zyra Gorecki, Nicholas Gonzalez Rohan Mirchandaney Lily Santiago Josh McKenzie Tonantzin Carmelo; created and produced by Avi Nir, Alon Shtruzman Peter Traugott Rachel Kaplan Steven Lilien Bryan Wynbrandt Adam Davidson and others.

The Release Date

La Brea’s first season quickly grabbed viewers’ attention like no other new show could. Opening to an impressive 0.8 rating among 18-49 demo viewers, La Brea quickly established itself as one of fall 2017’s must-watch programs.

This show follows a family who are uprooted from Los Angeles after an enormous sinkhole opens up and transports them back in time to 10,000 B.C. With their memories scattered among several time periods and cultures, each individual must fight to remember who they were before arriving back in Los Angeles and finding themselves living in a world they don’t recognize – Natalie Zea stars as Eve Harris; Chike Okonkwo plays Ty Coleman; Eoin Macken plays Gavin Harris and Zyra Gorecki plays Izzy Harris in this series!

As for what to expect for Season Two, Appelbaum mentioned sinkholes opening up at different locations, and that cast members may end up staying longer in the prehistoric world than expected. He also added that more prehistoric creatures like dire wolves and wooly mammoths will join dire wolves and wooly mammoths to make an appearance in season Two. Deadline reports Yellowstone 1883 star Martin Sensmeier has joined the cast for a recurring role as leader of the dangerous group The Exiles; tune into NBC at 9:00 pm ET to watch all this unfolding tonight on NBC!

Where to Watch

After its tremendously successful premiere, NBC’s sci-fi drama La Brea has been renewed for season 2. Set to return at the end of September, you can catch up by tuning into NBC or streaming through Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV or Fubo TV.

David Applebaum and Natalie Zea (The Mentalist) created this innovative series. The series centers around Eve Harris and Gavin Harris as they find themselves separated when an enormous sinkhole opens up in Los Angeles, forcing both to find ways to survive while their loved ones try desperately to bring them home.

The first season of this show consisted of only 10 episodes and packed a lot into those hours, but a second season is expected to span 14 episodes and follow Eve, Gavin, and Izzy through their journey in an ever-evolving world they now find themselves trapped within.


On the cast side, many actors from the first season are set to return, such as Natalie Zea, Karina Logue, Chike Okonkwo, Eoin Macken, Veronica St. Clair, and Rohan Mirchandaney in key roles.