Jungkook tattoos – BTS star’s tattoos real meaning and when did he get them?

Jungkook tattoos - BTS star's tattoos real meaning and when did he get them?

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This article explores the details of Jungkook’s tattoos and their meaning.

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Jungkook, a beloved member of the world-famous K-pop group BTS, is not only known for his incredible talent but also for his collection of meaningful tattoos. These tattoos hold a special place in his heart, and each one tells a unique story. Let’s delve into the world of Jungkook’s tattoos and uncover the significance behind each one.

1. ARMY Tattoo:

Jungkook wears his love for BTS’s devoted fanbase, ARMY, on his knuckles. This tattoo holds immense sentimental value for him as it symbolizes his gratitude towards his fans. He chose to place it on his knuckles to make it highly visible. While he admits he could have chosen a better font, he cherishes it as his very first tattoo.

2. J Tattoo:

On his ring finger, Jungkook sports a simple but significant “J” tattoo. This letter holds a special connection to his ARMY tattoo. The “A” in ARMY represents Taehyung (V), “RM” stands for Namjoon (RM), and “MY” signifies Min Yoongi (Suga). By adding the “J,” it combines with the “M” on his knuckle to represent Jimin. Additionally, “J” can also stand for Jin and J-Hope, highlighting his bond with all BTS members.

3. Purple Heart:

On his right hand, Jungkook displays a purple heart tattoo. He has mentioned that this tattoo represents “I love you” and serves as an expression of his affection for his fans, the ARMY. Despite the traditional negative connotation of a purple heart, Jungkook uses it to convey his love and appreciation.

4. The Crown Tattoo:

Nestled above the “A” in his ARMY tattoo, Jungkook sports a crown tattoo on his index finger. This crown symbolizes his fans and ARMY as the kings, signifying their importance in his life. It represents royalty, respect, and justice, underlining his deep appreciation for his supporters.

5. Woozy Face Emoticon:

Jungkook’s middle finger boasts a cute woozy face emoticon tattoo, which is one of his personal favorites. While its exact meaning remains a mystery, fans speculate that it represents fun or holds a private significance known only to Jungkook.

6. 0613:

This special date tattooed under his thumb holds great significance—it represents June 13, the day BTS made their debut. Jungkook’s choice to commemorate this date highlights its importance in his journey. It serves as a reminder of the group’s beginnings and their incredible growth.

7. The Date He Came to Seoul:

On his forearm, Jungkook proudly displays the date of his arrival in Seoul. This tattoo is a reflection of his personal journey and holds sentimental value, representing a pivotal moment in his life.

8. Life Motto and Nirvana Song:

Adorning his right forearm, Jungkook’s quote tattoo reads, “Rather be dead than cool” and “Make hay while the sun shines.” These lines are from the Nirvana song “Stay Away” and serve as his life motto. It’s a reminder of the importance of being true to oneself and seizing opportunities.

9. Clock Tattoo:

Jungkook’s forearm also features a clock tattoo, indicating the time of his birth, which falls between 3:23 to 3:25. Coupled with a musical note and a microphone, this tattoo signifies his destiny as a singer and performer.

10. Birth Flower – Tiger Lily:

Jungkook celebrates his birth flower, the Tiger Lily, on his forearm. This intricate tattoo is a tribute to his September 1 birthday and includes the words “Please love me.” It showcases the beauty and symbolism of flower tattoos.

11. Chinese Letters: HYYH:

Near his elbow, Jungkook proudly displays Chinese letters that represent “HYYH” or “Hwayangyeonhwa,” meaning “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life.” This title is associated with BTS’s extended plays, emphasizing the significance of this period in his career.

Jungkook’s love for tattoos extends to his sleeves, where he has several meaningful pieces that intertwine with one another.

12. Clouds:

Originally, Jungkook had a tattoo that didn’t turn out as expected and caused discomfort. It depicted clouds on his arm, but he later had it covered up with a more refined cloud design.

13. Lightning Bolts:

Inspired by the clouds, Jungkook added lightning bolts to the design, creating a visually striking tattoo.

14. The Eye Tattoo – Covered with a BTS Song:

Jungkook previously had an eye tattoo on his forearm but later covered it with the words “We Are Bulletproof PT. 2,” a reference to a famous BTS song. The change was prompted by negative feedback from fans.

15. Three Stripes – Covered with a Snake Tattoo:

Initially, Jungkook had three stripes on his forearm representing the Korean national flag, but he received mixed reactions. He decided to cover it with an elegant snake tattoo.

16. Microphone:

Jungkook’s passion for music is encapsulated in his microphone tattoo. He recently had it retouched by a renowned tattoo artist, highlighting his dedication to his craft.

17. Skeleton Hand:

An intricate skeleton hand tattoo on his arm signifies his love for rock music. It’s a bold and artistic addition to his collection.

18. 7 – Behind the Ear Tattoo:

Jungkook and the other BTS members share a tattoo of the number “7” behind their ears, symbolizing their unity and representing the seven members of the group.


Jungkook’s tattoos are not just ink on his skin, they are a visual diary of his life, passions, and gratitude to his fans. Each tattoo tells a story, and together, they create a colourful tapestry that reflects his journey as an artist and his deep connection with the ARMY and BTS members.

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