Jungkook dating history: Who all has the BTS star dated?

Jungkook dating history: Who all has the BTS star dated?

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Let us check out the dating history of BTS star Jungkook in this article.

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Jungkook dating history: Who all has the BTS star dated? 2

Jungkook, the youthful heartthrob of BTS, has had his fair share of dating rumors over the years. While he’s known for his incredible talent and stage presence, fans have often been curious about his romantic life. Let’s delve into the various dating rumours that have swirled around Jungkook and his responses to them.

1. Park Sewon: Back in the day, Jungkook and Park Sewon were school buddies during their middle school days. In 2014, Park Sewon took to her social media accounts to drop a bombshell – she claimed that she and Jungkook had been in a relationship.

She even provided some pictures to back her story. However, the legitimacy of their past relationship remains uncertain. A letter attributed to Park Sewon, which surfaced in 2020, purportedly hinted at their future marriage plans. But, without concrete evidence, this remains speculative.

2. Chaeyeon: Jungkook’s life has been a little too public at times, thanks to some overly curious fans. A photo of him with Chaeyeon surfaced online a few years back. This snapshot of the two seemingly together was believed to be taken before Jungkook’s debut. Due to their similar age and physical features, such as their long, dark hair, fans speculated that the picture hinted at a past romantic connection. 

3. Ko So-Hyun: In 2015, dating rumours involving Jungkook and a trainee surfaced, gaining a lot of attention. An image from that time featured a tiny heart-eyed symbol that partially obscured Jungkook’s face. Upon closer inspection, many believed that the trainee in question was Ko So-Hyun. However, the lack of substantial evidence made it tough to confirm.

4. Lee Mi-Joo: Lee Mi-Joo, a tattoo artist and a close friend of Jungkook, stirred the rumour mill in 2019. Surveillance footage showed the two hanging out together. The video depicted Jungkook and Lee Mi-Joo standing close to each other, with Jungkook even encircling her.

Further investigation by fans revealed that they had similar tattoos. The leaking of this video angered fans, not just because they feared their beloved idol might be dating someone, but also because it felt like a violation of his privacy.

5. Yein: A brief interaction during the 2018 MBC Gayo Daejun brought forth another round of dating rumors involving Jungkook. As the idols gathered closely, fans noticed that Jungkook moved to stand near Yein and appeared to engage in conversation with her while wearing a smile.

Some fans even observed that they had worn similar outfits on multiple occasions, fueling speculation about a close connection or secret relationship.

6. IU: Jungkook’s affection for IU, the renowned South Korean singer-songwriter, has not gone unnoticed by fans. Jungkook often mentioned IU as his favourite artist and his ideal type. Whenever IU is present at award shows, Jungkook’s reactions have been a source of amusement for fans.

He has been caught on camera saving photo edits of IU and himself. ARMY (BTS fans) hold out hope that one day IU might notice Jungkook’s admiration and perhaps collaborate on a song or publicly acknowledge their bond.

7. Lisa: Fans from both the ARMY and BLINKS (BLACKPINK fans) fandoms have been shipping Jungkook and Lisa, playfully referring to them as “Lizkook.” This ship gained momentum due to their similarities as the youngest members in their respective groups, their similar ages, and their undeniable talent. Enthusiastic fans have worked hard to find evidence to support their wish for the two to become a couple.

8. Min Jisoo (Mochi): Min Jisoo, also known as Mochi, represents a different chapter in Jungkook’s romantic history. Growing up as close family friends, they decided to take their relationship to a serious level in 2016. Old social media posts by Min Jisoo featuring pictures of them hanging out together and even a picture of them kissing in what seemed to be a schoolyard seemed to confirm their relationship.

9. Rose: Fans of both BLACKPINK and BTS have often dreamed of a romantic connection between Jungkook and Rose. This ship, known as “Roskook,” was born from interactions observed during award shows and other public appearances. Fans couldn’t help but notice the way Jungkook seemed captivated by Rose’s beautiful voice and the lingering glances they exchanged.

Recent Rumors

Earlier this year, there were fresh rumours about Jungkook’s love life. Reports suggested that he might be romantically involved with actress Han So-hee. These rumours started circulating after behind-the-scenes footage of Jungkook and Han So-hee working on a music video for BTS’s song “Seven” emerged.

In the music video, their on-screen chemistry was intense, especially in scenes where they argued passionately. A particular moment in the behind-the-scenes footage, where Jungkook appeared to touch Han So-hee’s hand, fueled speculation. However, Jungkook clarified in an interview that these rumours were untrue. He emphasized that his relationship with Han So-hee was purely professional.

In conclusion, Jungkook’s dating history has been a subject of intrigue and speculation among fans, but concrete evidence of his past relationships remains scarce. Despite numerous rumours and ship names, Jungkook has maintained his privacy and focused on his career with BTS.

Fans continue to support him in his endeavours, eagerly anticipating his musical contributions and performances with the group. While fans may ship him with various individuals, Jungkook remains single as of now, and his romantic life remains his own private affair.

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