Juan Martin del Potro Net Worth after losing $30 million because of his father

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Tennis star Juan Martin del Potro’s net worth has taken a hit of $30 million because of his father, find out all you need to know

Juan Martin del Potro has had his career dwindled by injuries throughout, however, that is not the worst thing that could have happened to him. It has been brought to light that del Potro was scammed out of $30 million by his own father. The Argentinian tennis star has earned roughly $26 million in prize winnings throughout his career and it is reported that he might be on the verge of being broke because of what his father did to him.

Juan Martin del Potro
Juan Martin del Potro (New Yoker)

With that being said, let’s find out more about how del Potro’s father scammed his own son.

How did Juan Martin del Potro lose $30 million?

Juan Martin del Potro’s dad Daniel, acted as the financial manager for the majority part of his career. He took care of the investments, expenses and everything related to it for his son. It is worth noting that Daniel (del Potro’s father) passed away in January 2021. And it wasn’t known at that point that he had scammed his own son.

It has been revealed that his father stole $30 million of del Potro’s money by ill-advised investments. Moreover, Daniel was in millions of debt which he paid of via his son’s money without him knowing.

It has also been revealed that during his time as the financial manager for the tennis star, he investigated his son’s ex-girlfriend and accused her of being a financial threat to his son.

The news was first brought to light during a panel discussion on America TV. It was revealed by journalist Karina Mazzocco:

“In the bank he should not have more than 3 million dollars. It’s a lot of money, of course, but he thought he never had to work again in his life when he realized this disaster. Del Potro’s father, a veterinarian by profession, swindled his own son. Juan found himself with the worst scenario when he got into the numbers.”

As revealed by the journalist, del Potro has just $3 million left in his bank at maximum which is quite worrying for a tennis star who has been bothered by injuries throughout his career.

Is Juan Martin del Potro returning to tennis?

Juan Martin del Potro has not been involved with tennis since 2019. The Argentine fractured his kneecap at the Queen’s Club Championship in 2019. After being absent from the sport for roughly more than two years, del Potro is eager to make his return. The former US Open winner is reported to make a comeback at the Buenos Aires Open in February.

del Potro
Juan Martin del Potro will return in February (Twitter)

Over the last two years his ranking has dropped to 756, it remains to be seen whether he can bounce back to winning ways upon his highly awaited return.

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