Is the NFL adding more teams with expansion plans?

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Is the NFL adding more teams? Find out everything you need to know about the expansion plans

The 2021 NFL season has had a lot of rumors coming in. Moreover, it seems like some of which might be true. There have been rumors about the NFL planning to expand the league for a while now. This season also saw NFL expand to 17 games (per team) per season from 16 games previously. This was the first of many rumored expansions plans for the league.

Additional games add up more revenue for the league and it is being said that the NFL is looking to take a step further and expand to an 18 game regular season. Although the move has been criticized by many, it seems like something that is bound to happen down the line.

NFL is looking to expand to 18 games per season (NFL)

NFL currently has 32 teams and 17 games per season for each team which makes the equation a bit complicated. However, the league has found a solution for the same as well and look set to add more teams.

Is NFL planning expansion to 40 teams?

To match the increasing number of regular season games, it has been rumored that the NFL will add in more teams. It is not certain as to how many teams will be added. However, it has been reported that the NFL is planning to expand the league up to 40 teams.

Even though the expansion plans are being taken very seriously by the league, the addition of more teams is far from close. It has been reported that the addition of games per season will be done first and then the league will decide upon adding in more teams.

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