Is Netflix’s Wednesday Addams Gay? Did Fans Get Queer-baited?

Wednesday, played by Jenna Ortega is creating a wave of fan interest all over the Internet.

Is Wednesday Addams Gay?
Is Wednesday Addams Gay?

Tim Burton, known for his creative ability to churn out gothic fantasy worlds for fun, is the director of the over-hyped Netflix show. Netflix’s Wednesday is a re-creation of all-time fan favourite “The Addams Family” but with some twists and turns. The original 1964 TV show portrays Gomez and Morticia Addams as the prominent faces of the show, while the new Netflix show revolves around the life of their daughter, Wednesday.

Is Netflix’s Wednesday Addams Gay?

Fans are discussing so many things about the show on social media, and one of the leading hot topics is whether Wednesday is gay or not in the show.

We dug deep on Twitter to find an answer to this trending question.

Here one fan believes Wednesday Addams can be shown as gay in future on the show even though the current story is not revealing anything as of now.

Another fan of the show wants to know whether she is wasting her time as the showrunners are not giving much away.

Here, a fan reveals the elusive answer to the question, but where is the proof?

Did Fans Get Queer-baited?

So, is Wednesday Addams a gay in the Netflix show? To conclude, we feel that Netflix’s Wednesday Addams show queer-baited the fans a bit, even though there is a strong possibility of a few surprises that can shock or please the fandom when season 2 of the show releases.