Is Indi Hartwell married? Exploring her relationship history in WWE and more 

Indi Hartwell is an Australian wrestler
Indi Hartwell is an Australian wrestler

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Indi Hartwell is one of the rising stars in WWE but there is no information about the Australian being married 

Indi Hartwell is an Australian wrestler
Indi Hartwell is an Australian wrestler

Indi Hartwell is currently starring on WWE Raw but there has been a lot of interest in her personal life.

The Australian is one of the most talented stars in WWE and si a former NXT Women’s Champion. She also won the NXT Women’s Tag title alongside Candice LeRae but some know her for the romantic angle she had on the Black and Gold brand.

Hartwell started off her career in Australia and starred in promotions such as World Series Wrestling and Riot City Wrestling.

She won titles in both promotions before she signed a deal with NXT. There she started a relationship with Dexter Lumis. This was one of the biggest talking points on NXT and she proposed to the star on 17 August 2021. 

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Dexter Lumis Indi Hartwell wedding (ComicBook)

The pair had a huge wedding as well, which was a hilarious moment in NXT history. Lumis and Hartwell were married for a while but nothing else has been said about this after their time on NXT.

As for Indi Hartwell being really married, that is a different story. Her marriage to Lumis was just an on-screen thing like they have done in WWE several times.

In reality, there is no news of Indi Hartwell being married in real life. There is no news or history of the Australian being married apart from her WWE relationship with Lumis.

Is Indi Hartwell dating someone? 

Even though Hartwell and Lumis have crossed paths on Raw, they don’t seem to be bringing up their marriage a lot. They do have bouts of romance from time to time but nothing serious. 

Hartwell has been teaming up with LeRae, Lumis and Johnny Gargano. As for her dating someone, there is no confirmation about Indi Hartwell being in a relationship currently.

Dexter Lumis Indi Hartwell
Indi Hartwell proposing to Dexter Lumis (Credits: WWE)

She is not dating Dexter Lumis in real life. However, reports suggest that Indi Hartwell did date Australian wrestler Tome Filip between 2017 to 2019. 

Hartwell isn’t the only star that has garnered interest thanks to the rumours regarding her personal life, and she won’t be the last one.

However, should she start dating someone in real life or the news does break it, there is no doubt a lot of news will be shared about this rising Aussie star. 

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