Is Ciara pregnant now? Star flaunts her baby bump in incredible look

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Is Ciara pregnant now? All you should know as the singer flaunts her baby bump

Ciara, the acclaimed “Promise” singer, is embracing the final stages of her pregnancy with remarkable style and grace. Recently, the 38-year-old star shared a TikTok video that captured her in a stunning monochromatic outfit, showcasing her baby bump with an air of chic confidence.

In the video, Ciara is seen making a dramatic entrance from an industrial elevator, dressed in a sleek black formfitting knit dress, complemented by a black-and-white blocked trench coat and knee-high slouch boots. Her runway-style walk and a dramatic hair flip for the camera add to the charisma of the clip, which is energetically set to Chris Brown’s hit “Sensational.”

Is Ciara pregnant now?

Despite her dazzling appearance, Ciara has been candid about the challenges of her pregnancy. In a recent caption, she opened up about the discomforts she’s facing as her due date nears, including feet and hip pain, nosebleeds, fatigue, and difficulty breathing. However, she maintains a positive demeanor, playfully responding to inquiries about her well-being with a knowing smile.

This will be Ciara and her husband Russell Wilson’s third child together, adding to their family that includes son Win Harrison, 3, daughter Sienna Princess, 6, and Ciara’s son Future Zahir, 9, from her previous relationship with rapper Future. The couple, who tied the knot in 2016, shared their joyous news through a video filmed during their anniversary trip to Japan, revealing Ciara’s growing belly.

Ciara’s pregnancy has been a journey of style and openness, with the star frequently updating her fans with chic maternity looks. Just last week, she shared a heartwarming photo on Instagram, cradling her bump, dressed in a comfortable ensemble featuring an Outkast T-shirt, black pants, and Ugg boots.

Echoing the maternity fashion statements of celebrities like Rihanna and Kourtney Kardashian, Ciara has also embraced bold, bump-baring outfits. In a recent Instagram post, she was seen in a cropped orange-and-pink checkerboard pattern top and baggy low-rise jeans, stylishly buttoned underneath her bump. This look was accessorized with two high pigtails, gold chokers, and pearl necklaces, drawing admiration from fans and celebrities alike for her audacious pregnancy style.

Ciara’s baby bump


Ciara’s latest maternity looks, including the belly-baring outfits reminiscent of Rihanna’s and Kardashian’s maternity styles, mark a significant fashion moment in her pregnancy journey. The “1, 2 Step” singer, along with her NFL player husband and children, continues to share glimpses of her life and pregnancy, showcasing both the beauty and the challenges of this special time.

As Ciara navigates through these final stages of her pregnancy, her blend of candidness about the pains and discomforts, coupled with her ability to maintain an incredible sense of style, serves as an inspiration.

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