How to Unlock the Dreamcatcher in Remnant 2?

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You can unlock the Dreamcatcher weapon in Remnant 2 with our simple tips and tricks. Find out now!

Unlocking weapons in Remnant 2 can be tricky. There are several quests and objectives before you unlock every weapon in the game. Ranged weapons, bombs, melee weapons, and bows are the primary weapons of Remnant 2. You have to complete certain quests in every world to unlock these powerful weapons. Dreamcatcher is a melee weapon that can be unlocked from the Asylum Base in Losomn.

The starting stats for Dreamcatcher are not great. But with the right gear and skills, you can fuse Dreamcatcher and unleash massive blows on enemies. There are a couple of tasks that you have to complete to get your hands on the Dreamcatcher gun. Here are the steps to unlock the Dreamcatcher weapon in Remnant 2 in our guide.

Steps to Get Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher Weapon!

Remnant 2 Dreamcatcher

The first step is to unlock the Tormented Asylum in Losomn Biome. Keep playing all main quests and unlock the Morrow Parish Sanatorium first. Now, you have to reach the Asylum and find three stone-carved dolls as per the instructions of a doctor from the basement cell.

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Now find the prison cell key from the second floor and open the cell in the basement. Free an old lady and then you can find the Nightweaver Stone Doll. Your next stop is Tormented Asylum and here you have to defeat the Nightweaver and kill some small mobs as well.

Equip your weapons as many enemies spawn there. Also, use the Soulkey Tribute item that you got as a drop from the Nightweaver and place it in the basement cell portal. Now, you will teleport to the next spot and spawn there. Once you reach the Tormented Asylum, you can find a Cobweb inside one cell. Place the Nightweaver Statue in the Web and finally, you can unlock the Dreamcatcher weapon as well.

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Dreamcatcher, the melee weapon, deals over 50 DPS on average. It has the best accuracy and range. You can use the best perks and skills to increase its stats. There are similar melee weapons and you have to complete small quests and unlock new areas in the biome. Weapons are an integral part of the game and you must equip more of these to kill the dangerous creatures. 

That’s everything you need to know about unlocking the Dreamcatcher weapon in Remnant 2.  We will come back with more Remnant 2 updates and guides soon.

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