How to Remove Landing Area Markers in Starfield

Starfield Landing Area Markers

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There is no guaranteed method to remove Starfield Landing Area Markers. The methods mentioned in the guide might help you.

Starfield, the latest game from Bethesda after Microsoft bought it, has been a hit with gamers all over the world for the past two years. Players are excited to discover this new world because they have such high hopes for it. But, like many other complicated games, Starfield has bugs that can change the way you play the game as a whole. Landing Area Markers seem to stay even when players try to move them. This is one of the most annoying things about the game. In this guide, we’ll go over different ways to remove Starfield landing area markers and make your experience better.


Different ways to remove Starfield landing area markers

Land Multiple Times: A Hit-and-Trial Approach

The first way to remove Starfield landing area markers is to try different things and see what works. Start by putting down your ship a good distance from the base. This step is important because being close to the outpost can make this method less successful. Land your ship more than once in different places, making sure each time that it is far from the base. The goal of this method is to make new Landing Area Markers that could replace the old ones. It’s important to remember that even though this method has worked for many people, it doesn’t always work. A few people have said it didn’t work for them.

Consider the Landing Pad Type

Another approach to remove Starfield landing area markers issue involves considering the type of Landing Pad you are using for your outpost. Some players believe that the size of the Landing Pad can influence the persistence of the Landing Markers. If you are currently using a smaller Landing Pad, it may be worthwhile to switch to a larger one. This change could potentially affect the behavior of the Landing Markers.

Removing Your Base

For those who are bold and willing to take risks, there’s the option to delete your outpost entirely from the affected planet. After this drastic step, spend a few in-game days away from the planet, allowing time for the Landing Markers to vanish. Once they have disappeared, rebuild your outpost in the exact same location. This action will generate new Landing Area Markers. However, it’s important to acknowledge that this method, while effective for some, may not yield results for everyone.

The Beacon Workaround

Players have suggested an intriguing workaround involving the use of Beacons to remove Landing Area Markers. Follow these steps for potential success:

  • Land your ship on the Landing Area where you want to remove the marker.
  • Place a Beacon as close as possible to your ship.
  • Exit Build Mode and interact with the Beacon.
  • Delete the Beacon by holding down the R key.
  • Immediately travel to another Landing Site or into Orbit without any additional actions.

Upon checking the map for the Landing Site Marker, you should notice that it has disappeared. It’s worth mentioning that this method has primarily been tested on PCs, so console users should proceed with caution.

Waiting for Developers: Patience Is a Virtue

The last option, which can call for the most patience, is to just wait for Bethesda to fix the Landing Area Marker problem in future game patches. But how well this method works depends on how important the studio thinks these bugs are. Different games can take different amounts of time to make, so the wait time can also change.


In Starfield, it can be fun to remove Starfield landing area markers, and there are several ways to do this. Whether you try landing in different places, change the size of your Landing Pad, delete your base, or use the Beacon workaround, each of these options could be an answer. If nothing else works, you may need to be patient while you wait for Bethesda’s approved patch. By using these tips, you can enjoy the realistic world of Starfield with the Landing Area Markers getting in the way as little as possible.


Why do Landing Area Markers persist in Starfield?

Landing Area Markers can persist due to a variety of reasons, including game bugs and issues with the game’s coding. These markers are meant to guide players during landing, but sometimes they fail to disappear as intended.

How long should I wait for Bethesda to address the Landing Area Marker issue?

The time it takes for Bethesda to address the Landing Area Marker issue in a patch can vary. It depends on the studio’s priorities and development timelines. Players should regularly check for game updates and patches for potential fixes.

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