How To Kill The Goblin Leaders in Baldur’s Gate 3

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Struggling to defeat Baldur’s Gate 3 Goblin Camp leaders? If yes, then find out the tricks to defeat these hostile enemies here.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a challenging RPG. Here, the complex of each story is based on your characters and NPCs you prefer. You have to fight against different types of enemies as some are a major threat to locations and NPCs of several races. Druid Grove, the main location for Tieflings, has always been in trouble. They are cursed by many hostile creatures. The main threat for Tieflings is the Goblin Camp leaders.

The three leaders from Goblin Camps always troubled the Tieflings and other NPCs in druid grove. You have to slay all three Goblin Leaders to avert all these. Fighting against Goblin leaders is difficult and they spawn majorly in the Blighted village. Each of these 3 Goblin enemies are stronger and have powerful skills. Here are the strategies and tricks to beat and kill all three goblin leaders of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Goblin Leaders Challenge – Tips and Strategies!

Overcoming Goblin leaders is a massive challenge. The major issue is they keep summoning small goblins and minions to strengthen their party. High Priestess Gut, Minthara and Dror Ragzlin are three main goblin leaders who you have to kill to free the Tieflings. 

The goblin camp spawns west of Druid Grove. You have to complete the persuasion checks everywhere to reduce the difficulty and finally enter the Goblin Tempe, Shattered Sanctum to gain access to the challenge against all three enemies. 

Before fighting against goblins, ensure you have a long rest. Also, increase your spell slots, get the best weapons and drink health potions. Grab all melee and ranged weapons along with some AoE spells. Here’s how you can defeat all three goblin leaders easily,

Baldur's Gate 3 Goblin Leaders
Goblin Leader


The first goblin challenge will be against the High Priestess, Gut. Killing Gut is easy, but make sure you are not alerting the entire camp. When she taps the drums, the entire goblin camp will be alerted and Gut will also be boosted by her troops. This will make it hard for your party to overcome her lethal attacks. There’s an option to avoid the fight against Gut.

 Here, you have to send one of your party members to drink poison potions given by her. You have to allow her to investigate your parasite and you along with Gut have to travel to the Chambers. She will accept you as your True Soul and you can overcome her challenge in this way. The other way is to fight her inside her secret room and this will be easier than expected.

You have to defeat Gut, her goblins and the Ogre. Her goblins will turn hostile and you can either reload the game or destroy those drums again to avoid fighting more goblins during the challenge. Use a strong melee weapon and status ailment effects like silence to stun her constantly. Silence is also effective and you can go the stealth way and sneak enemies. 

This will make her vulnerable and you can avoid fighting against other goblins. Use fire or poison spells and fuse them with a melee weapon. Launch three consecutive attacks on her back to stun her. Deal more damage when shes stunned. Continue with the strategy and complete the battle without alerting the came. Once you defeat Gut, the next battle will be against  Minthara.


Minthara summons many goblins in the first phase. This goblin rings the drum to call on her troops. You can destroy the drum as this will reduce her goblins. Once you break the drum, you can initiate the challenge inside the room with limited party members. Minthara is a paladin and her guards are stronger in range. She’s many powerful spells and her strength is great. However, Minthara is always low on Intelligence and Constitution.

Once you interact with Minthara, she will express her desire to destroy the grove. Your option is to either help and betray her, or else fight and kill her on the spot. To beat Minthara, you have to use ranged weapons like daggers, swords or heavy maces. Inflict heavy damage and stun her with crowd control effects.

You can throw AoE spells to stun her. Minthara will attack aggressively in the final phase. Dodge her attacks and use your skills to slay her. Once you defeat Minthara, you have to take on the final Goblin Camp leader, Dror Ragzlin.

Dror Ragzlin

The final Goblin leader is Dror. Dror is the strongest enemy from the goblin camps. Defeating Dror will enhance your skills and new stories will unfold in every act of Baldur’s Gate III.

Find Dror Ragzlin chamber closer towards Minthara’s secret room. Defeating Drod without any combat is almost next to impossible. You have to trap him in a pit using a Void Bulb. This involves huge effort and you can instead proceed to kill him in the challenge. 

You can recruit Halsin for this battle to strengthen your force. Pass a Persuasion check initially to gain an advantage. Dror Ragzlin is a Hobgoblin and you can spot him in a conversation with the Dead Mind Flayer. Dror is bolstered by small goblins and their magical skills.

There will be multiple enemies and once you try to attack Dror, everyone wakes up. You have to use the environment to your advantage in this tricky situation. You can set traps or push those barrels. The battle will be in turn-based mode and you have to shove all enemies in a quick time.

Eliminate his goblins first and this makes Dror Fragile. Use your skills and launch attacks from every end. Dror becomes weaker once you start reducing his HP bars. Use explosive weapons and also throw aoe spells. You can try pushing Dror to the Abyss, but this turns the entire camp hostile.

 You can make use of daggers and sneak attacks. This melee attack can stun him. Also, use silence spells. You can make use of stealth checks as well. Dror will frequently run to every zone. He will try to sit on his throne, but you have to keep attacking him from one end.

Recruit druid class units and summon horns and trolls for assistance. Druid characters provide more guidance against these types of Goblins and they will guide you throughout the battle as well. Dror will be more aggressive in last phase. Play smartly and use status ailment effects to slow down his progress. Once you demolish all drums, he will be all alone ranting for more assistance.

If you still struggle to defeat Dror, you can seek assistance from all big spiders inside the temple itself, but to do this you have to unlock the spell called Speak with Animals from the Divination school. NPC Companions like Shadowheart or Halsin can be recruited as well if you have completed their questlines as a prelude to this goblin leader’s challenge.

Clear the challenge against Dror Ragzlin and complete the Goblin Camp questline. Once you defeat all three leaders, you will save Tieflings and Druid Grove from the goblin camp. You will receive many legendary items, weapons and amulets as rewards. Also, you can hire more NPCs and companions from Tieflings.

That’s everything you need to know about defeating Goblin Camp leaders of Baldur’s Gate 3. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.

Frequently Asked Question

Are wizards good in Baldur’s Gate III?

Wizards are your magical heroes. They have massive abilities and can deal colossal damage. The best thing about playing as a wizard in Baldur’s Gate 3 is you get access to all types of spells and scrolls. Wizard is an arcane magic and stun enemies with their crowd control and status ailment effects. You can pair wizards with cleric and druid.

How to use Mods in Baldur’s Gate 3?

You have to download any mod manager. Vortex Mod Manager is used by many players for Baldur’s Gate 3. Also, you have to download and extract those zip files to BG 3 directory. Finally you can activate and deploy them in the game.

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