How to get Selune’s Spear of Night in Baldur’s Gate 3

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BG3 Selune’s Spear of Night offers the unique benefits of Wisdom Saving Throw advantages, Darkvision, and access to powerful spells like Moonbeam and Moonmote.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the world is big and mysterious, and adventurers are always looking for legendary items to help them on their dangerous quests. Selune’s Spear of Night is one of these rare items. It is a versatile and strong weapon that does Piercing damage and gives huge advantages on Wisdom Throws and Perception Checks. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get this legendary weapon and give your character the strength to face the tasks ahead. Quickly download the game and start your journey.


BG3 Selune’s Spear of Night

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Selune’s Spear of Night is a very well-known weapon. It has the unique ability to do Piercing damage, which makes it a powerful weapon for both one-handed and two-handed fighting styles. Its versatility is increased by the fact that it is a simple tool, which means that many different characters can use it well.

But what really makes Selune’s Spear of Night a legendary item are the clear benefits it gives on Wisdom Throws and Perception Checks. When meeting opponents whose attacks depend on these traits, these advantages are very helpful. The person who uses the weapon also gets the power of Darkvision, which lets them see into the dark and spot dangers that are coming. You can use builds like Shadowheart, Wyll, Minsc, and Minthara.

How to Get BG3 Selune’s Spear of Night

Adventurers must first complete the “Chosen of Shar” questline before they can start looking for Selune’s Spear of Night. The first important thing to do on this epic trip is to save Isobel, who is a key character in the story. Your adventure starts at the Goblin Camp, which is located at X: -75 Y: 445. Use the Goblin Camp waypoint to get to this place quickly. Once you’re there, head to the west side of the area to find the Goblin Camp.

Move north from the Goblin Camp toward the Shattered Sanctum. Your final goal is the mysterious world of the Underdark, which you can reach through the Goblin Camp. Enter the Shattered Sanctum and climb a set of stairs to the south. In the middle of the room in the Shattered Sanctum, there is a locked door that is watched by a Stone Dise. In Baldur’s Gate 3, you must solve the tricky Defiled Temple Moon Puzzle to get to what’s beyond. Check out some companion builds of Astarion, Gale, Halsin, and Jaheira.

Arrival at the Underdark Breach

Upon successfully solving the puzzle, journey through the unlocked door. At the end of the passage, you’ll discover a ladder leading to the Baldur’s Gate 3 Selunite Outpost, nestled within the Underdark (coordinates X: 154 Y:253). However, your quest is far from complete. To continue your pursuit of BG3 Selune’s Spear of Night, proceed to the Underdark Breach, located northwest of the Underdark Selunite Outpost. Upon arrival, you will encounter Gekh Coal, the Duergar Slave Hunter, atop a platform within the Decrept Village.

Engage in a dialogue with Gekh Coal before making your way to the dockside and conversing with Novice Garmor. Your next destination is the Underground Grymforge, accessible by sailing the ship. Within Grymforge, an elevator awaits to transport you to the upper level of the area. Proceed eastward and traverse an opening in the hallway, granting you access to the Shadow-Cursed Lands in Baldur’s Gate 3 (coordinates X:14 Y:-1166). If you want to increase your level XP then use the Increased Level XP mod.

Rescuing Isobel

Your journey leads you to the Last Light Inn, where you will encounter Jaheira. Approach her with caution and engage in dialogue. Your ability to rescue Isobel and fend off enemies is important to advancing the story. Upon saving Isobel, she will bestow her blessings upon you, allowing for deeper exploration of the Shadow-Cursed Lands. Your next objective is the Grand Mausoleum, found southwest of the Last Light Inn. Reach this location by heading northwest from Mason’s Guild.

Confronting the Graveyard Puzzle

The Grand Mausoleum houses a challenging puzzle in the form of the Reithwin Graveyard. Be vigilant, for vent traps within the Graveyard pose a significant threat. Use your disarm kit to neutralize these traps. Inside the mausoleum, you will encounter three murals, each concealing a button that unlocks the path forward. These buttons must be pressed in a specific sequence: Moonrise Towers, Grief, and General. Unlocking these doors is your key to progress.

With the Mausoleum puzzle conquered, proceed through the unlocked doors and utilize the Traversal Gem to access the Gauntlet of Shar. Here, you will engage in the strong Trials of Shar. The trials consist of three consecutive challenges: the soft-step trial, the Faith-Leap trial, and the Self-Same trial. Following the completion of each trial, you must confront the enemies within the Silent Library. Here, you will also find the book titled “Teaching of Loss: The Nightsinger” on one of the shelves. Placing this book on the podium will unlock the door leading to the coveted Spear of Night in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The Fateful Choice

Return to the stage with the big hole to get into the Shadowfell. To get to the Prison of the Nightsong in Baldur’s Gate 3, turn on the lift and go down. Here, a very important choice awaits. Talk to the Nightsong and choose the most convincing lines of conversation to stop Shadowhert from harming her. It is very important that these efforts to persuade work. After a few conversations, Nightsong will help Shadowhert see things her way.

With the help of Nightsong, go to the Moonrise Towers and fight the tough boss Ketheric Thorm there. This enemy is a big problem, but if you have Nightsong by your side, you can take away half of his health. As the fight goes on, Ketheric Thorm will back away and use a huge tentacle to pull Nightsong into a chasm. Follow them down into the depths and face Ketheric Thorm again. This time, your goal is to beat him and set Nightsong free at the same time. With good build, you can solve puzzles and survive the Underdark or other quests.


BG3 Selune’s Spear of Night Reward

Following the intense confrontation with Ketheric Thorm, return to your camp and take a well-deserved long rest. During this respite, Nightsong will engage in a revealing conversation with Shadowheart, unraveling key elements of her past. In recognition of your valor and determination, Nightsong, now known as Dame Aylin, will bestow upon you the BG3 Selune’s Spear of Night.

BG3 Selune’s Spear of Night: Stats and Abilities

After acquiring Selune’s Spear of Night, it is imperative to comprehend its capabilities fully. Below is a detailed breakdown of the weapon’s statistics and effects:

  • Weapon Type: Legendary Spear
  • Effects: Selune’s Blessing, Darkvision, Moonbeam, Moonmote
  • Unlockables: Rush Attack, Maiming Strike

Selune’s Blessing grants you a significant advantage in Wisdom Saving Throws while enabling Darkvision to see in the dark. Additionally, the weapon unlocks the potent spells Moonbeam and Moonmote, empowering your character in combat.


How do I initiate the quest to obtain BG3 Selune’s Spear of Night?

The quest begins with the “Chosen of Shar” questline. You must save Isobel during this quest and follow a series of steps, as outlined in the comprehensive guide, to acquire the legendary weapon.

Where can I find the Silent Library in Baldur’s Gate 3 to unlock Selune’s Spear of Night?

The Silent Library can be accessed after completing the Trials of Shar. It’s an essential step in obtaining the Spear of Night and is detailed in the guide’s step-by-step instructions.

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