How to Get Adoring Fan in Starfield?

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The Hero Worshipping Trait in Starfield lets you recruit the NPC, Adoring Fan. Find out more about Adoring Fan here.

Starfield, the sci-fi RPG has tons of main story missions on every planet. You have to join a faction and hire some companions and NPCs to your crew to complete them without struggling much. In every chapter, you will be able to unlock new NPCs. One of the iconic characters from Bethesda’s popular game, Elder Scrolls (Oblivion) has returned to Starfield as well. You can unlock the Adoring Fan as your NPC for missions in the initial stages of the game.

Adoring Fan can be unlocked using a trait and his stealth and scavenging skills can be utilized for some small tasks. Though Adoring fan is recommended for combat, you will not require his services throughout the game. So, you can either defeat him in a battle or slay him at the end.  Adding the NPC, Adoring fan to your party has some prerequisites. Here’s how you can recruit Adoring fan companion and use him in Starfield.

Starfield Adoring Fan – How to Find?

Adoring Fan can be unlocked with starting traits in the game. Before unlocking Adoring Fan, you have to complete starting missions and join the constellation faction. Next, you can use the ‘Hero Worshipping Trait’ while completing the character creation part.

Starfield Adoring fan
NPC Adoring Fan

Once you are done with these, travel to the Jemison planet and reach the Spaceport in New Atlantis. You can find the NPC near checkpoints or the plaza. If you find him, travel to other locations and the NPC will keep chasing you.

This time you can interact with Adoring Fan and recruit him to your squad. Once you have him on your team, you can complete some side-quests for Constellation. Utilize his sneaky attacks and weightlifting skills. These skills will be useful against elite enemies.

Also, you can loot more bucks and resources using his Scavenging skills. You can remove him from your team by eliminating the Hero Worshipped trait. Still, the companion will chase you again. But, you can hire him for your outposts on other planets, or else you can kill him.

Killing the NPC will be challenging. First, you have to remove the Adoring Fan from your crew. You have to remove him as your companion permanently. While you proceed to kill him, the NPC will plead to join your team again. But eventually, you can kill him with a powerful gun that uses shells as ammo.

Adoring fan is only used as a limited-time companion, you will not require his skills throughout the game. There are many NPCs like Adoring Fan who will be joining your side as you progress in the game.

These types of companions help you to complete early-game missions in Starfield. You have to discover more companions on every planet across the galaxy. Exploring 1000s of planets will be an intriguing experience and you will meet different types of enemies as well.

That’s everything you need to know about unlocking the Adoring Fan companion in Starfield. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.

Frequently Asked Question

How Many Factions are there in Starfield?

Starfield has 5 main Factions that are Ryujin Industries, Constellation, Crimson Fleet, Freestar Collective, and United Colonies. Apart from these five, you can join six more groups that are connected with every faction. You can join any faction and leave whenever you wish. Starfield also allows you to join multiple factions at once.

Who can Play Starfield?

Starfield is exclusive to PC and Xbox Series X/S. You can purchase either Standard or Digital Premium Edition. PC users can directly purchase the game on Steam. Those who have an active Xbox Game Pass subscription can unlock Starfield along with many exclusive games.

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