How to Fix Failed to Download Supervised Settings in Fortnite

fortnite download supervised settings

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The Fortnite download supervised Settings error is a message that appears when the game is unable to download the supervised settings file from the Epic Games servers.

The “Failed to Download Supervised Settings” error in Fortnite is a common problem that can prevent players from accessing the game. This Fortnite account error is usually caused by a network error, a corrupted game file, or a problem with your console or PC.  The “Failed to download supervised settings” glitch has reared its head, causing frustration and confusion among gamers worldwide. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps on how to fix this error so that you can get back to playing Fortnite as soon as possible.

How to fix Fortnite download supervised Settings

The cryptic nature of the Fortnite download supervised Settings error might leave you scratching your head, wondering what it signifies. Fear not, as we’re here to reveal the fix that requires no coding wizardry or complex algorithms. The key lies in understanding that simplicity is your ally in this battle. Behold the solution to this annoying difficulty: a two-fold solution that guarantees to ease your troubles. Regardless of whether you’re navigating Fortnite’s universe on a console or a PC, these steps are your guiding light.

Restart Your Console – Console Cures

Before doing anything, we recommend you to enable the 2FA option for your account. For the legions of console warriors, primarily those using Xbox or PlayStation controllers, the fix to Fortnite download supervised settings involves a restart. Pay heed to these uncomplicated steps:

  1. Power down your console.
  2. Gently unplug it.
  3. Wait for a while.
  4. Restore power to your console and start it.
  5. Start Fortnite and enjoy your seamless experience.

The PC Solution

PC players in season 4, while relatively shielded from this problem, aren’t immune. Fear not, as the same steps apply if you find yourself trapped:

  1. Proceed with the console steps mentioned earlier.

Turn off your console’s internet connection

If the error continues, don’t surrender just yet. A different route exists, leading you to disconnect from the digital realm temporarily (if you are a Fortnite streamer, then you might get a little upset):

  1. Get into your console’s connection settings.
  2. Deactivate your internet, be it through Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable.
  3. Reconnect to the online domain.
  4. Embark on your Fortnite journey anew.

Switch Off the Router 

When all else fails, one final thing remains a confrontation with your router or modem. Follow these steps for a reset that might change the game:

  1. Bid farewell to your router/modem’s power source for a few minutes.
  2. Rekindle its power connection.
  3. Await its reawakening as it boots up.
  4. Assess the state of your Fortnite conundrum.

Remember that you can use all these settings on Chromebook, Mac, or Cross Platform.

Why Causes the Fortnite download supervised Settings Problem?

The question continues: what spawns the “Failed to download supervised settings” mystery? At its core, the error often occurs due to a network glitch, whether residing on your end or within Epic’s digital domain. If the solutions outlined above fail to release you from this trouble, a visit to Fortnite’s Status page might disclose a larger systemic issue that warrants patience. 

Fortnite errors
Fortnite errors

In a big world of Fortnite, victory lies not just in overcoming enemies but also in taming the digital hiccups that disrupt our quests. Remember, the “Failed to download supervised settings” glitch might be complex in name, but its resolution is simple. Follow the steps and help your friends too (they might gift you a skin).


What causes the “Failed to Download Supervised Settings” error in Fortnite?

This error is usually caused by a network error either on your side or on Epic’s side. It can also be caused by a corrupted game file or a problem with your console or PC.

How to fix it?

Restart your console or PC, disconnect from the internet for a few minutes, verify game files, update Epic Games and Fortnite, enable auto-update, and check Fortnite server status.

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