How to find Qingxin in Genshin Impact

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Here are the best locations along with the ways to find and farm Qingxin flowers in Genshin Impact from our latest guide.

Flowers are common ingredients in Genshin Impact. They are used as food ingredients and crafting materials for other resources. The Qingxin is a white flower that’s also translucent. The Qingxin grows only on the highest stone peaks in the Liyue region. Qingxin flowers are local specialty ingredients that you can find in and around Liyue. The Qingxin can be found in various spots of Liyue. You can use them to craft Tianshu Meat in Genshin Impact. And a couple of playable characters will also use these Qingxin flowers as their ascension materials. 

The Qingxin flowers are primarily found on the mountain tops of Liyue. You can also purchase the ingredients from the local NPCs in the harbor shops of Liyue. To those travelers who are struggling to find and farm Qingxin flowers, here are all the best locations to find and farm Qingxin in Genshin Impact.

Qingxin flowers

Qingxin Flowers Genshin Impact – Locations and Best Ways to Get

You can farm these ingredients in every location in Liyue,

  • Obtain Qingxin in the mountain tops and hills in Liyue. You also need to take those characters who are specialized in climbing in Genshin Impact
  • You can find 3-5 Qingxin flowers in Minlin, Qingce Village, and also in the Bishui Plain of Wuwang Hill
  • Huaguang Stone Forest is the next best spot to farm Qingxin, find the ingredients near the statue of the seven
  • Next best stop is to look around the top of a rocky mountain near the Waypoint on the beach
  • Find Qingxin on the tops and cliffs of Chasm Surface 
  • Find one near the waypoint  which is west of Mt. Tianheng
  • Find the heights of the stone forest region
  • Find on the rocks of Hilichurl Village
  • Find near the river, mountains, and all over lake Liyue

All these are the best locations to farm Qingxin flowers in Genshin Impact. You can explore the entire liyue locations to acquire enough flowers.

Qingxin flowers locations in Genshin Impact
Qingxin flowers locations in Genshin Impact

How to Buy Qingxin Flowers in Genshin Impact?

You can purchase the flowers from 2 shops at the Yujing Terrace which is liyue harbor. You can buy the Qingxin flowers from the Babak shop and the Herbalist Gui NPC also sells them at his Bubu shop for x600 Mora.

Qingxin Local Specialty Flowers
Qingxin Local Specialty Flowers

Additionally, you can also purchase the Qingxin seeds and Serenitea pot to harvest and grow more Qingxin flowers. These are all the best options to find, farm, and get more Qingxin flowers in Genshin Impact.

What’s a Qingxin Flower in Genshin Impact?

Qingxin is a white flower that primarily grows on the top of mountains in Liyue. Several Liyue region-based characters in Genshin Impact use this as an ascension material item. Ganyu, Shenhe, and Xiao are some of the notable characters that use Qingxin local specialty items regularly. You can also craft and prepare Tianshu Meat recipes in the game with Qingxin. Qingxin is an ingredient and a character ascension material item in Genshin Impact.

That’s everything you need to know about Qingxin in Genshin Impact. All the best locations, routes, and ways to find and farm Qingxin in Genshin Impact are shared above. We will come back with more Genshin Impact updates and guides.

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