How To Find And Rescue The Grand Duke In Baldur’s Gate 3?

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Ignoring Mizora’s offers in Find and Rescue the Grand Duke quest will bring more stories to Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a challenging story-based RPG. The multiple stories in every act will be a turning point and it will reveal more secrets about some unknown NPCs and characters. Some NPCs can be turned into companions after you complete their stories. Companion questlines are challenging and they are non-optional as well. There’s a companion questline that’s interconnected with the NPC, Wyll.

Once you complete this questline, you will be able to befriend Wyll and recruit him as your companion to your party. The Grand Duke, father of Wyll, is trapped by enemies and you have to rescue him for a quest. This quest can be found in the Risen Road. Here’s all about Find and Rescue the Grand Duke quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 along with its objectives.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Find and Rescue the Grand Duke Quest Guide and Walkthrough!

Find and Rescue the Grand Duke is a recurring quest in all 3 acts. You can start this challenge in Waukeem’s Rest. There are many objectives and you have to cross hurdles to rescue the NPC at the camp in Iron Throne. Here’s how you can complete the challenge and save him in all 3 acts.

Act 1

As soon as you reach Waukeem’s Rest, you have to find survivors. Find the Burning Inn and meet the first NPC, Gauntlet Yeva. She can be found near the blocked doors. Help her to push and unlock the doors. This will give you access to the Burning Building. Meet the next NPC, Counsellor Florrick, and save her. 

Baldur's Gate 3 grand duke

Florrick will thank you for the assistance and then she reveals more about the Grand Duke. Grand Duke has been trapped and prisoned by the drows. Once the interaction is done with the Counsellor Florrick in her room upstairs, she seeks your help to rescue the Ravengard.

Now, you have to exit the Burning building and progress further in the quest. Grand Duke has been taken towards the western side and held captive by prisoners and hostile enemies. You have to carry some spells and powerful weapons to tackle those elite enemies in the Iron Throne. Your next location will be the Moonrise Towers and this will also kick start another quest in the second act.

Act 2

Here, you have to play and complete another sub-quest as a part of the main quest to save Grand Duke. Infiltrate Moonrise Towers, the side-quest starts at the Last Light Inn. You have to reach the Mind Flayer colony behind the barracks and clear out some small mobs in those areas.

 You can investigate the entire Moonrise Towers area to find clues about the Grand Duke. Next, you can reach the Necrotic Laboratory and meet an NPC to discover some secrets about Wyll’s father. Find the Flesh-Wrought Door and interact with the Neural Apparatus. After completing the interaction, you can descend down the path. Find another Flesh-Wrought Door and this will also prompt a cutscene featuring some visuals of Grand Duke.

Complete remaining objectives and finally you will access the Iron Throne and meet Grand Duke along with other major NPCs. There will be a reveal that Grand Duke has been  with an illithid tadpole and he’s already reached the Baldur’s Gate.

 As Grand Duke has been relocated, you have to complete the remaining small objectives and progress in your main story quests and also meet the NPC, Mizora, before finding him in the final act. You and your squad troops can take a long rest at the camp before continuing the quest in the third act.

Act 3

The final part of saving the Grand Duke has arrived. There is some mystery regarding his location.  One NPC will reveal that he saw Grand Duke along with Gortash during the ceremony where he was also crowned the new Archduke and it’s further revealed that Grand Duke disappeared suddenly.

There is no information about Grand Duke and some even say he’s killed by the drow enemies. You have to immediately reach the Iron Throne camp from Flymm Cargo. There will be another twist at the end.

Mizora will offer two deals and there’s also a chance that you are going to lose Wyll’s father. But you can break the deals and fight against Mizora as well. Once you turn down the offer, she will tell the exact location where Grand Duke has been trapped. Defeat her and meet him in the Iron Throne. 

Rescue Grand Duke Ravengard and meet him again at the campsite and complete the quest as well. Wyll can finally meet his dad and there will be a lot of emotions as well. You will unlock some weapons as rewards like,

  • The Joltshooter
  • The Sparky Points
  • The Spellsparkler

That’s how you can find and save Grand Duke Ravengard in Baldur’s Gate 3. Completing this questline will unlock more stories with Wyll and you can recruit him permanently to your party. Also, the best builds for Wyll can be procured by completing new stories.

Frequently Asked Question

Can you Become a Mind Flayer in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Yes, you can play as a Mind Flayer. But this is entirely based on stories and companions that you choose in early acts in the game. Mind Flayer is an evil monster in Baldur’s Gate III. In the final act, you have to make some challenging decisions and kill emperors to possess the powers of a Mind Flayer.

How to Use Mods in BG 3?

You have to download any mod manager. Vortex Mod Manager is used by many players for Baldur’s Gate 3. Also, you have to download and extract those zip files to BG 3 directory. Finally you can activate and deploy them in the game.

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