How to Earn Money Quickly in Starfield?

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You can get more money in Starfield by following these tips and tricks in our guide.

Starfield is a space exploration game where your role as an adventurer is to fight against aliens and creatures on planets. The open world locations of Starfield allow players to wander everywhere and do activities. You start the game by building outposts and bases. Then, you can start hiring NPCs, companions and crew members to your outposts. The goal is to demolish the foes out of planets and save humanity.

Starfield has more than 1000 planets in the galaxy and you can build your outposts where resources like flora, fauna and water are higher. You can join factions and work together. There are side-quests, boss fights and main story missions. Completing these gets you XP and credits. To beat Starfield, you have to complete all 19 missions in the game. Completing Starfield takes around 40 hours, but this is only possible if you have the best set of weapons and shields.

 You will be up against different types of creatures on every planet. To purchase weapons, you have to spend credits. Credits are in-game currency that you can exchange with traders at shops to purchase equipment, weapons and resources. Also, you have to get ships as you can only travel to other planets using a ship. The ship-based combat is one of the best features of the game. Everything requires money in Starfield. But farming money is not easy. So, find out the best ways to farm credits in Starfield with our simple tips and strategy.

Best Ways to Get Money in Starfield!

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Money is an essential item in Starfield. With money, you can upgrade weapons, buy equipment for ships, and increase your slots as well. Apart from playing quests, you can get money in different ways. Follow these strategies to get unlimited credits in Starfield,

  • Start with side-quests. Side-quests are easy challenges in Starfield. You can play all these small missions and get XP and credits. With these, you can craft your basic resources as well. Side-quests have only limited objectives and these are the best ways to earn all resources in the game
  • Complete bounty challenges from Mission Boards in every faction. You can acquire tasks from Kiosk and complete bounties to unlock credits. Some tasks from mission boards will be easier and the others will be hard
  • Faction missions help you amass thousands of credits. You can join factions like the constellation and crimson fleet on priority as here you get lots of jobs. You can join multiple factions and work together with different crew members. You will also learn new traits and combat techniques from faction members 
  • Utilize the Commerce skill. This skill increases your profits as whenever you sell items, the chances of profits will be increased by 10-20%. With a single skill point, you will be able to unlock this skill
  • Sell your resources, unused weapons and unwanted items to vendors. Vendor shops are found on every planet in Starfield. You will get a minimum of 10k and this is sure to increase based on vendors. Also, you can sell ships.
  • Loot items from enemies and NPCs. You can explore shipyards, space stations, outposts and more places. You can either defeat enemies and loot items or steal them as well
  • You can sell Contrabands and get a hefty amount. In Starfield, Contrabands are unique and illegal items. You can either store them in cargo or sell to merchants in Trade Authority
  • Build as many as outposts on every planet. Once you construct an outpost, you will start drafting resources and new equipment. Then, you can sell them to merchants and collect huge credits in return as an exchange.
  • You can focus on increasing levels for the Scavenging skill. This unique skill in Starfield helps you unlock more rewards from loot containers. Be it exp, weapons or credits, the scavenging skill increases your % of unlocking them.

These are the best ways to get money in Starfield. Farming credits is essential as you have to complete 19 main story missions. With these tips, you can easily unlock credits and suffice your needs. The only other way is to deploy mods as mods grant everything in huge numbers.


How to Get Ships in Starfield?

Ships are required to travel to planets. Starfield has hundreds of ships that you can get in different ways. The best ways are to complete side-quests and purchasing them for credits from vendors and ship technicians. Every ship allows you to hold items and resources. Traveling to other planets becomes easier with these spaceships.

Is it Difficult to Get Credits in Starfield?

Getting credits can be tricky if you spend them on unwanted items. You can play quests, sell items and loot credits from elite enemies of Starfield. Farming money is necessary to purchase weapons, ships and resources. So, you have to use them wisely.

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