How to Discard cards in Marvel Snap

Don’t know how to discard cards in Marvel Snap? This guide will give you all the information about Marvel Snap Discard Cards.

In Marvel Snap, players have access to a wide variety of cards with different abilities that can help them win a match. One such ability is “Discard,” which eliminates a card from both the hand and the match. Even though this may seem like a negative effect, discarding cards can provide the player with several advantages during a match. 

The game offers a vast selection of cards that allows players to modify their deck based on their desired strategy. Discard effects can play a crucial role in some of these strategies. In this article, we will tell you all about the Marvel Snap Discard Cards.


How to discard cards in Marvel Snap

In order to discard cards from your hand in Marvel Snap, you need to have a specific card with the discard ability. These abilities offer different levels of control over the card you want to discard. Some cards will allow you to select a specific card to discard. Others will require you to discard a random card from your hand.

It is generally considered more advantageous to have more control over the cards you discard. If you’re planning to build a deck that focuses on discarding cards, it’s best to prioritize cards that allow you to target specific cards in your hand. An example of this would be the On-Reveal ability of Lady Sif. It always discards the highest-cost card in your hand. 

This allows you to make strategic decisions about which card to discard, rather than leaving it to chance. Additionally, this can help you to control the flow of the game. It is done by discarding cards that you don’t need or that would be detrimental to your strategy. Overall, discarding cards can be an important aspect of gameplay in Marvel Snap. Having control over the cards you discard can give you an advantage in the game.

Types of Marvel Snap Discard Cards Abilities

There are a wide variety of Marvel Snap Discard Cards. Some of these cards, such as Lady Sif, allow players to target specific cards in their hand. For example, Lady Sif is a 3-cost 4-power card that discards the highest-cost card in your hand. Similarly, Colleen Wing is a 2-cost 4-power card that discards the lowest card in your hand. Black Cat is a card that discards itself at the end of your turn, unless played.

Other cards, such as Sword Master, Blade, and Hellcow, discard cards at random. Sword Master and Blade each discard one card on reveal, while Hellcow discards two. Dracula and Gambit also discard random cards, However, they give themselves a small boost as a result. Dracula takes the discarded card’s power, while Gambit destroys a random enemy card. Moon Knight discards a random card from both the player’s hand and the enemy’s. This can enhance the player’s discard deck while potentially disrupting the enemy’s strategy.

All these cards have their own unique abilities and can be used in different ways to support different strategies. It’s important to consider the strengths and weaknesses of each card and how they fit into your overall deck strategy when building a discard deck in Marvel Snap. These cards can provide players with a lot of control over the board and can help to disrupt the enemy’s strategy, making them an important aspect of the game.


Understanding the Importance of Marvel Snap Discard Cards Mechanic

For those new to collectible card games, the concept of discarding cards as a positive strategy might be difficult to understand. It may seem counterintuitive to give oneself fewer options. However, Marvel Snap, like many other card games, frequently encourages players to remove cards from their hand. This is because many cards in the game have effects that only trigger when discarded, and other cards have effects that benefit from remaining on the field while their companions are discarded. 

Understanding how to exploit these synergies can be crucial in the current Marvel Snap meta. For example, Morbius gets +2 power every time a card is discarded. Similarly, Wolverine is played at a random location for free when it’s discarded. This means that if a player were to play Colleen Wing while Morbius was on the board and Wolverine was the only 2-cost card in their hand, they would automatically play Wolverine and buff Morbius. 

This 2-cost card would end up putting 9 power on the board. While it may seem like discarding inherently reduces the player’s power, it can actually bolster it significantly. Chain reactions like these have made discard decks some of the most competitively viable builds in Marvel Snap. Therefore, it’s essential to familiarize oneself with Marvel Snap Discard Cards mechanic before building the next deck.

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