How to complete In Memoriam mission in Starfield?

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By completing the In Memoriam quest in Starfield, you can marry Sarah. Check out our guide to find out all objectives for this companion quest.

Starfield has hundreds of side-quests where you travel along with NPCs and companions. In Memoriam is a miscellaneous mission that you have to complete as a part of the questline for NPC Sarah Morgan. This quest fully takes place in New Atlantis. The Memoriam quest has many objectives and completing this miscellaneous quest is important if you want to recruit Sarah as your crew member.

There will be several tasks and you will meet a mysterious NPC named Sona. To begin this quest, you have to complete the Hadrian questline called, eyewitness quest. This side-quest offers tons of exp and money, so you can’t offer to miss out on losing them as well. Here is all about the In Memoriam quest in Starfield and objectives to complete it.

Starfield In Memoriam Quest Guide and Walkthrough!

In Memoriam quest can be completed to increase your friendship levels with Sarah. Before taking this companion quest,  try to increase the affinity level with her. Once you complete previous quests, you can unlock this quest from the log after an interaction with Admiral Logan. You can pick the best weapons along with jetpacks to survive in this intriguing mission.

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NPC Sarah

Sometimes, the NPC doesn’t talk to players, in this case, you can restart your progress and try again. Admiral Logan is located in Mast on Jemison planet. Meet this NPC to kickstart the challenge.

There will be a conversation between Sarah and Logan and it will turn into an argument at the end. You have to intervene and sort it out amicably and acquire the quest as well. The major objectives are to investigate the shuttle, fix it with a power cell and meeting another NPC at the end.

Your next stop is Cassiopeia I planet. Here, you have to meet Sarah near the campsite and investigate further about the quest. Also, you have to convince her and give your full support for this companion quest. Once you earn Sarah’s trust, you can leave her old campsite area.

The computer inside the crash site requires an Emergency Power Cell and you have to find and install it to activate the system. The computer system contains a lot of data about the Shuttle crash site.

Next, you will have to investigate the Telemetry Data and travel to the nearby cliff that’s found aside the plateau. Now, you have to find the power cell. Once you get it, meet Sarah at the crash site again. There will be many Stonewalkers that will utilize Sneak attacks. Clear these hostile enemies and reach the next part.

Now you should enter the Dauntless shuttle and activate the system using a power cell. Discover more about this shuttle and its history. After finding out everything, you can reach the crash site on Cassioppeia I. Here, you will spot many creatures and humans. Defeat your foes and then you will be prompted to meet a mysterious girl.

The mysterious girl doesn’t remember everyone, so you have to help her recollect memories. Also, once Sarah arrives at the spot, the girl will reveal more. The girl’s name is Sona and her parents were killed years ago.

 Sona also remembers Sarah Morgan and she requests you to find the Genetags where her parents and other crew members were buried. Sona will reveal more about the old crew members and her parents. 

Once you complete the interaction with her, you have to exit Sona’s home and head to the graveyard and find ten Genetags. You will be able to collect 9 of these Genetags from the tombstone. You can collect all nine tags along with diamond necklaces. The tenth one will be a mystery, but it can be collected once a Silverfish enemy arrives there.

You have to defeat and slay this poisonous creature. Silverfish attacks harder and deals lethal damage. Use a melee or short-range weapon and kill it. Once you slay this creature, you can get the final Genetag as well.

Your next stop is Sona’s home. Again Sona and Sarah will fall into an argument. This time Sona wants to stay at Cassiopeia, but Sarah pleads her to leave the place and live a happy life. You can either agree and ask her to stay here, or else convince here to leave Cassiopeia. Convincing her will make your bond with Sarah stronger. But there’s no problem even if Sona stays there.

To have a happy ending, you can ask Sona to stay at her home in Cassiopeia. Once this part is done, you have to meet Sarah outside as per her request. Sarah reveals she likes you and would help you throughout your journey. Also, you can romance and flirt with her.

Next, meet Admiral Logan in MAST district and also hand over all 10 Genetags of buried crew members. Next, you can meet Sona at the Lodge, but only if you convince the girl to move out of her home. Sona will further reveal she’s interested in joining a faction and assisting crew members for their projects. 

You can accept her deals and meet Sarah near Waterfalls in New Atlantis. Again, you have a chance to increase your bond or you can even romance and confess your love to her. With this, you can complete the entire In Memoriam quest line and unlock new stories and questlines with Sarah Morgan.

In Memoriam is one of the longest Starfield missions. With lots of objectives, you can help Sarah and build a beautiful relationship with her.


Is Starfield an Open World Game?

Yes, Starfield is an open world game. An amazing sci-fi adventure game where you can roam freely and land on planets. There are more than 1,000 planets and you have to scan resources, fauna, flora and mineral to gain access and land.

Who can Play Starfield?

Starfield is exclusive to PC and Xbox Series X/S. You can purchase either Standard or Digital Premium Edition. PC users can directly purchase the game on Steam. Those who have active Xbox Game Pass subscription can unlock Starfield along with many exclusive games.

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