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The new Fortnite Football Frenzy quests are available right now. If you are looking for the best tips and tricks to complete the Fortnite Football Frenzy challenges, check it out here.

Fortnite has been known for its unique quests and challenges. Right now, Fortnite has decided to include a new Football based quest as even the FIFA World Cup has started. The new Fortnite Football Frenzy Quests are available right now, Epic Games has launched these new football quests to celebrate the “Let Them Know Set” which was released in the item shop on Fortnite very recently.

The Football Frenzy quests in Fortnite can be easily completed. There are 4 football based challenges and 2 other challenges to complete. Players who successfully complete the Fortnite Football Frenzy quests will be rewarded with 20,000 XP for each quest, additionally a brand new “Go for the Goal Spray” is also given as a reward.

The new football-themed quests are available to play on Fortnite. Before we reveal the guide to complete these quests, here is the complete list of all the Fortnite Football Frenzy challenges.

List of Football Frenzy Quests

Football Frenzy Quests
  • Eliminate 3 opponents in a single match (3)
  • Hit an enemy player from over 75 metres away (1)
  • Land on a football pitch and finish among the Top 10 Players in a single match (1/2)
  • Score a goal in different matches (2)
  • Slide and Dance within 10 seconds of scoring a goal (1)
  • Visit 2 Football Pitches in a single match (2)

All these football challenges from Fortnite can be played in BR mode or Zero Build or the Standard mode. The locations for these football challenges can be seen at the quest menu of Fortnite. Now here are the best ways to complete all the Fortnite Football Frenzy challenges easily.

Football Frenzy Quest Guide

Hit an enemy player from over 75 metres away (1)

As this is a normal quest in Fortnite, you can easily complete this challenge by eliminating 3 opponents using a Sniper Rifle or any other Assault Rifles. All you need to do is to equip a high range weapon and eliminate the opponents from 75m away or even you can eliminate any animals by shooting them from 75m away. The best locations to complete this challenge are Fort Jonesy, Chonker’s Speedway and Shiny Sound.

Eliminate 3 Opponents in a Single Match

You can look for some opponents at Fort Jonesy, Reality Tree and Synapse Station to eliminate them. You can carry any Rifle or Sniper weapons for this quest.

Football Frenzy Quest Guide

There are 4 football challenges to complete but before you complete them, you need to know all the locations. All the 4 football themed quests can be completed at Fort Jonesy, Chonker’s Speedway, Synapse Station, Shiny Sound, Reality Tree. There will be many opponents at these places, you must protect yourself as they can kill you while you try to complete these football challenges.

Land on a football pitch and finish among top 10 players in a single match – this challenge can be done easily at Fort Jonesy location. All you need to do is land at the available football pitches and make sure to not land on people or other enemies. Your health must be at max, else you may buy some health at nearby spots. Equip some of the best guns and weapons to tackle the enemies.

Score a goal different matches – locate yourself to the football pitches and score two goals, then this quest is complete. Chonker’s Speedway and Shiny Sound can be the best locations for this challenge.

Slide and Dance within 10 Seconds of Scoring a goal – this is a simple quest as you just need to slide and dance at the same time when you score a goal on the football pitch

Visit 2 Football Pitches in a Single Match – you need to visit two football pitches for this quest. Either you can locate to the given locations or the other best football pitch locations are at the west or north of sleepy Sound or even at the sanctuary. Then the quest is complete as every Fortnite football quest is very easy to complete.

Fortnite Football Frenzy Quest Rewards

Players who complete the football quests will receive 20,000 XP for each quest. Additionally if you complete all the four football challenges of Fortnite, you will get the new exclusive “Go for the Goal Spray”

Is the Goal Spray Reward Encrypted?

Right now Fortnite players are unable to claim the Go Spray cosmetic reward for completing the Frenzy Football challenges. For unknown reasons Epic Games has decided to encrypt the spray reward. It’s expected that Fortnite will decrypt the Spray reward for the players only from November 30, 2022. Till then you can complete all the Fortnite football quests and receive the XP rewards for time being.

That’s everything you should know about the Fortnite Football Frenzy quests and challenges. The football frenzy quests and rewards will be available on Fortnite until December 3, 2022. As Fortnite Paradise season is going to end very soon, expect more Fortnite quests and rewards from Epic Games in the coming days.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 5 – Release Date

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 5 release date is expected to be from December 4, 2022. However Epic Games and Fortnite team will confirm it officially in the coming days. Till then Fortnite players can continue to complete all the current quests and obtain all the skins, rewards and cosmetic in the Paradise battle pass. Stay tuned for more updates about Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 5.

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