How to Cast Spells in Dark and Darker – Wizard and Cleric Spells

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Wizard is known for their spells, and that’s what you need to be good at in the game of Darm and Darker. Here is a manual on how to cast spells in Dark and Darker.

Ironmace’s Dungeon crawler game Dark and Darker could be tricky when you are first trying your hands with the spells. As said above, a wizard becomes truly a wizard based on how well they perform the spells. Sadly, you won’t find any help when you are exploring the dark world of this game. Thus here we are to help you with how to cast spells in the perfect way in the game Dark and Darker. let’s see how to cast spells in Dark and Darker.

Casting Spells Dark and Darker
Casting Spells

How To Cast Spells in Dark and Darker?

First things first in order to cast spells in Dark and Darker you will have to acquire a spell book kt a Magic Staff according to the class you have chosen. So before you move ahead with casting spells make sure to get either of the above two items in the game which you will get upon choosing your respective class.

Not much has been revealed about the game as of now but we do know one thing for sure players can cast a spell as a wizard or Celric.

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How to Cast Spells in Dark and Darker - Wizard and Cleric Spells 5

Once you obtain the items follow the steps given below:

Equip the magic staff and remember that the character you have chosen is either a Qizard or Cleric. Clerics have access to eh spell book so you can equip that on them as well. After equipping these items go to the Ability section of the character tab and equip the spell memory onto it. You should now be able to add the spells you want for the character into the spell memory

The spells that you have added now depend on how much knowledge of spells you have. Thus to equip the spells you shall have knowledge of it and it is very basic to cast at the beginning. We suggest you equip spells that do not require much knowledge.

Once these spells are equipped you can now finally use these spells by pressing and holding the key it is assigned to. Upon pressing that key your character will automatically use the spell memory to remember the spells and cast them accordingly. Move the cursor to where you want to cast the spell by right-clicking on it. Now your character will channel the spell and cast it.

The more knowledge you will have about the spells the more spells you can equip. You can equip your spells to the secondary spell memory wheel but you won’t be allowed to use these spells without any knowledge of it. Both the Wizard and Cleric have spells of different tiers, the higher the tier of magic. The higher the knowledge you shall have in order to equip it. The easiest and most convenient way to find these items is by exploring the Dungeon deep enough and looting the enemies.

Spells for Cleric

Cleric in Dark and Darker

Tier 1

  • Bless: Spell Cost 1
  • Protection: Spell Cost 1

Tier 2

  • Cleanse: Spell Cost 2
  • Divine Strike: Spell Cost 2

Tier 3

  • Bind: Spell Cost 3

Tier 4

  • Lesser Heal: Spell Cost 4

Tier 5

  • Heal Light: Spell Cost 5

Tier 8

  • Resurrection: Spell Cost 8

Spells for Wizard

Wizard in Dark and Darker
Wizard in Dark and Darker

Tier 1

  • Ignite: Spell Cost 1
  • Light Orb: Spell Cost 1
  • Zap: Spell Cost 1

Tier 2

  • Ice Bolt: Spell Cost 2
  • Slow: Spell Cost 2

Tier 3

  • Haste: Spell Cost 3
  • Magic Missile: Spell Cost 3

Tier 4

  • Fireball: Spell Cost 4
  • Invisibility: Spell Cost 4
  • Lightning Strike: Spell Cost 4

Tier 6

  • Chain Lightning: Spell Cost 6

This is all you need to do in Dark and Darker to cast spells in the world of Witchcraft. Remember, having knowledge about spells is the key here to obtaining as many spells as possible. The secret to all your spells lies in this knowledge.

This is everything to know about how to avast spells in Dark and Darker. When used effectively, these spells can turn your destiny in the game and will help you progress much faster. So make sure to keep all the above-mentioned things in mind.

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