How to beat Terrormorphs in Starfield?

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Defeating the perilous Terrormorphs in Starfield can be tricky. So, find out some top-notch tips, tricks, and counters to overcome these mighty creatures.

Starfield has 19 main missions. The early missions can be achieved easily. But once you complete the first 4 story missions, the real test begins there. Starfield has enemies like humans, aliens, and beasts. Aliens are dangerous creatures you can find on each planet. One of the many dangerous aliens are the Terrormorphs. These four-legged enemies are terrifying and can take you down easily.

Terrormorphs are seen on all main planets in the game. These enemies resemble big spiders and deal heavy damage. Terrormorphs are recurring enemies and you will first meet them after joining the faction, UC Vanguard.  Terrormorphs spit poisonous and acid attacks. So, you have to get the best builds available in Starfield to defeat terromorphs enemies. Find out the strategies and tricks to beat Terrormorphs here.

Starfield Terrormorphs Fight Guide & Tricks!

Terrormorphs can be found in Tau Ceti II and you can initiate this challenge during the Grunt Work quest. Terrormorphs look menacing with its 4 legs and it can slay anyone with a powerful sweep attack. It has a variety of attacks and combos to take down enemies. But once you find its weaknesses, you can overcome this massive challenge.

Starfield Terrormorphs
Terrormorphs in Starfield

There are two types of Terrormorphs. One is Anomaly and the other is Albino. You will be up against both Terrormorphs in different stages of the game. Terrormorphs unleash heavy attacks from its claws and legs. You have to use Jet Packers, Heavy Weapons, Energy weapons and Grenades like Frag Grenade. Also, you can use weapons that deal heavy physical damage.

Terrormorphs attack from close-range, so you can keep moving to spots to confuse and stun it. It will launch powerful claw attacks and with shields, you can overcome them. Use explosives and throw them to deplete its health. Make sure all your weapons and equipment are upgraded fully.

Terrormorphs are boosted with full HP bars in each phase. These enemies turn aggressive in each round making it hard for adventurers. You can aim for a headshot with a shotgun or auto rifle. This will slowly drain its stamina and energy levels. Also, you can recruit NPC companions and attack from all sides.

The strategy is to change your positions frequently to deceive terrormorphs. You can use skills, perks, and traps as well. With the right builds and equipment, Terrormorphs will be just another creature you can slay without any trouble. Beating terrormorphs gets you lots of XP and you will unlock new quests. Terrormorphs often spit acid and avoid standing in those puddles. It will quickly drain your HP and make you vulnerable.

With more ammo in your bags, your weapons can unleash firing attacks every second. Never slow down while attacking this boss. Once you give them a chance, then terrormorphs will become a nightmare to you and your squad members. Your companions can attack from one end and you can stay well beyond its reach. This ensures you are not vulnerable to its attacks.

Attack from a distance and destroy its limbs and legs first. The boss will again unleash claw attacks, but you have to endure its attacks. Once its legs are destroyed, shift your focus on slaying its head. Once all body parts are damaged, terrormorphs will be fragile. You can slay it at the end.

That’s how you can defeat Terrormorphs enemies in Starfield. These enemies are above level 50. You can get some drops like,

  • Fiber
  • Toxin
  • Metabolic Agent
  • Nutrient
  • Spice
  • Sedative 
  • Terrormorph Cell Sample 

That’s everything you need to know about defeating Terrormorphs in Starfield. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.


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